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Healthcare is a fuckin joke even if you have insurance. They aren’t there for you at all just the shareholders. I have scoliosis and it’s been an absolute money pit. I have done years of research to find a fusion less corrective surgery. And insurance ... more »

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I know not that like able but gotta give credit where it’s due. He rode great and it looks like 2020 will be a good year for the mcr boys

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Hell yeah mookie could podium at monster cup glad he’s on Honda too always done good on one . Even back when he rode outdoors on the tld 450

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Who else misses wind tunnel and speed channel?

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I do follow the gps guy. It’s weak and prado showed that he had no real challenge from anyone. Past years their was definitely more depth. Coopers been battling all year with Dylan and ac and I know those guys are way more talented than the mx2 class ... more »

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Idk why anyone would think he wouldn’t win? Let’s be honest mx2 is weak rn especially without Prado. He’s got the best 250f and enjoys sand not surprising. lil bummed on the speed of the 450 guys hopefully that changes tomorrow. Ned is going be very ... more »

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Jeez is Ryan full of himself. I wish somebody would give him a slice of humble pie, couldn’t even help himself talking over everyone. A true legend in his own mind

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Yeah I never said he would retire. A fused back is a lil more gnarly than a hip. Fusion affects the whole spine and disc tend to wear quicker when fused. Jmart one of the few I cAn see winning after something like that

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You gotta remember he has way more support and knowledgeable people around him than the average person. But it is gnarly , his lumbar is fused

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I’m pulling for him. I hope his back okay, that’s a lot of pressure on his low back with a rod pounding motos.

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I hold you really didn’t smoke your wallet, I hate when that happens

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I mean he has valid points and showed he can be top 5. Hope he does well next year so all you idiots can quiet down. Was the best rookie and still gets trashed

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Idk why you guys are making a deal over ac, he has it, it will be over with after moto 1. He’s finished on the podium damn near every moto

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Kids the real deal only like 15 too. Watching voland on the supermini doesn’t make sense way too big on the bike. Should be in schoolboy at least.

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Yeah your right but that’s still a really strong team. Everyone counting them out already but they could get a podium. But Is Webb not willing to go, hard choice between him and ja but I guess Webb had the slight edge this year since he’s won but Jason ... more »

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Crazy that motocross is pussifyied. Mike knew actually what he was doing which is games so let him accept his prize for riding like an idiot Through out his career. Phil just needs to play there lame ass game better than Alessi but he made a whole career ... more »

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Some of you guys think ass backwards if mike didn’t play ridiculous games on the track and it wasn’t just the pass. Phil wouldn’t react like that over nothing in all seriousness. I don’t blame him, but he should just wait to saw mike wheel off every ... more »

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Yeah I really like coty would see him at the track often But not surprised he’s getting points kids got skills

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You guys take shit way too seriously. Their are plenty of cookie cutter moto pods. Take what they say with a grain salt...

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Man I hate back injuries all of them are different. I have scoliosis and have been off the the bike for 2 years now so depressing I’m only 24. Good luck buddy