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Sweet bike!! I really love your gear too! also, Awsome freakin pics!!!

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hahha, same thing came to my mind!! and awsome job on the race report guyb!!! It was an awsome

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in minnesota 79% of the population does not ride motorcycles, and 24% do. this is out of the 500,000 people we have..(I think) Post edited by: KxRider86, at: 4/20/2007 3:23 AM

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you are my favorite rider!!! I love your gooning beyond belief! and I have FLU graphics too!!!

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Im not sure but I think they are trying to make it so motocross is a little bit more affordable to race a 250 2stroke (maintanence wise and such) and still be competitive. The races I have watched, the 2 stroke 125 and 250's do very well against the ... more »

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I everyone My name is john and I ride a 2004 kx85! im sure I know some of you...akmx17

here is a pic of my gear: my bike: and my goggles: ... more »

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I like free stuff! darn I only wear a 32

haha ... more »