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We'll I'm not saying pack your bags, but the new mask "guidance" is being taken literally and store owners are re-imposing the mask mandate in my town. Even left leaning CNN is doing a "WTF" on the new mask mandates. Apparently there is a low probability ... more »

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There is an amateur race this weekend, promoter had water issues but seems to have been reconciled. Hard working guys always seem to manage difficulty.

Wouldn't surprise me with drought, take a look at Lake Oroville, before and now. ... more »
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I like the dark green approach you are going for. Triumph is a "premium" brand to start with on the level of the Factory/Works edition from KTM/Honda. Definitely not a GasGas type entry. Top of the line WP cone valve/KYB spring/ Ohlins suspension. 350 ... more »

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I remember the quote from Pastrana that he was 1-2 seconds slower on a DRZ400 than his RM250. Funny how the best riders can ride past old hardware. Also I have huge respect for those Triumph MX bikes above. Going beyond the norm to to create something ... more »

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Kailub said directly in the video that Roger called him up and said they'd need to re-evaluate. He said he was pissed at first and the rest of the IG video he looked upset. Certainly you'd think the call from Roger should have been more supportive, and ... more »

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Cancel culture at it's finest and most ineffective.

Added reply in a thread BIG MX NEWS LANDING TOMORROW?? 7/19/2021 9:58 AM and Paul Malin taking over US Motocross coverage from NBC/Peacock. Blended MXGP / US Nationals / Supercross racing 2x per week forever. Careers shorted to 3 years, not continuous due to injuries obviously. / sarcasm

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If it weren’t for bad luck Herlings would have no luck at all. Breaks femur riding mini bike, weird crash last year damn near gets paralyzed, now this. The newest video taken from the rear shows Coldenhoff jumping long, Febvre sorta average, Herlings ... more »

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It was further ahead of its competitors than any other bike today or since. Power, handling, stability, turning, reliability way ahead. Weird but smart gull wing triple clamps for more fork tube overlap. Larger stiffer forks than the other bikes. Just ... more »

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Bound the problem. Can you ride slower without a problem, or is it so fundamental that just time on the bike induces the problem. If it's speed related, probably death grip. If time related, cockpit ergos.

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Yes, the ban sucks but doesn't affect MX at this time for me. Even in Prairie City OHV, the Hangtown track is unaffected by Red/Green sticker within the fenced track boundary. Sort of funny - two stroke/red sticker four stroke on this side of the fence ... more »

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I like watching Dylan ride off the clutch and managing the race. With so much skill he still was going very fast, adapting, and passed Kenny without any drama. Would have been nice if Tomac would have been able to do the same last year in the mud and ... more »

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If Ferrandis's bike let loose and came to a grinding halt we'd all be complaining that we missed the championship leader and a major moment in the championship. Especially after AP's bike failure (damn - that was hurtful to his overall standings). As ... more »

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I was there in 2011 on a "bucket list" race (I'm from Ca) dropping off my son for college in NY. Hurricane came through, still went to race in the rain. Remember the anxiety Dungey had waiting on the starting line without his bike as the pack took off. ... more »

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Looks like Yamaha is serious about strengthening the bridge from 65-85-125-250F-450f lifecycle planning on their brand. YZ250 is really not in that path so I can see them delaying (forever) 250 updates if good but not great reaction to 125. If 125 are ... more »

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Why not Josh Grant - oops he said he doesn't ride for free either

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Plessinger seems more like a

type of guy.
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Roger D and his contributions to motocross in general and American MXDN teams in particular is overwhelming. AND there should be a transition plan to the next leader for the American team efforts Ideally someone like MC who had enthusiasm for American ... more »

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It's starting to look like the Euro's (and one Aussie) are coming to the US to show the 'mericans how to ride like it was the 70's. If we are lucky it will spark interest again.

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Lemme see what goes into the MXDN equation. Riders that are: - Fast enough AND not a crasher - Want to go whether or not switching teams - Not injured or going to have surgery in off season - Mfg will support - switching teams might not be motivated ... more »