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I’ve had several types. Some cheesy high profile broke or interfered with bars. Latest Motion Pros have been pretty good low profile and recessed button so no accidental side loads/broken bleeders. I habitually use them to bleed after tying down. I had ... more »

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Yes, you screwed up but it's a "high fail". You haven't hurt yourself and you have the good sense to realize it was the wrong move. Sounds that you need a trail bike since you bought a 50 and a quad for your family. Get a bike that is good at going those ... more »

Added reply in a thread Prado got Covid! 10/30/2020 5:44 AM

Great news! Did he backdate his quarantine start?

Just like him to get the fastest recovery time ever.
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Not going to be sly and have 3 KTM teams. Yamaha just being real and loading up the roster like it was Honda in the 80’s

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I gotta go cooper over Martin for starts. At Assen he ripped an monster hole shot in his qualifying race. Too bad the rain and Team Fried collision.

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Yeah I wonder what the slowdown and uncertainties will do for the rest of the industry. If SX doesn’t get back on track by March (I can’t see January happening) what will get hit next. Geico and other insurers have been giving money back due to reduced ... more »

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Well if you are going to launder drug money, better a local motorcycle dealer get the cash than a banker.

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History and bank accounts remember titles. (Dungey or Cairoli) Fans remember speed and excitement. (Bubba or Herlings)

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That is the most clever hitch mount I've ever seen. Eliminates -the center hitch load in one place. -rocking torsion in the center hitch -Smaller and only has material where needed Moves weight of bike closer to car. I ran a typical hitch mount on SUV ... more »

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Got everyone but RJ (without looking at names). Too young of a photo. Had to do a double take.

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Sexton is silky smooth feet on the pegs and can flow really well for awhile. Zach seems to keep his speed no matter where his legs are or the bike swaps.

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I think some of the clearing of the step up was line choice by Hampshire trying to block Ferrandis from coming through and perhaps gear/gearing choice. But doesn't hide that the Star Yamaha's consistently start at the front of the pack and must be pack'n. ... more »

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Prado was dominant in an age limited class. Ricky was just dominant.

Added reply in a thread Herlings injured? 9/9/2020 2:27 PM

That last bit of flip with his head on the ground and next hyperextending. Ugggh. Can't believe that if he's in a brace today he'd be back racing this weekend, but hell he's raced with a broken femur freshly rodded so who the hell knows.

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I saw the replay (missed live broadcast) and ready this. Yep - didn't see the scrubs or the intensity. On a fairly silty dry track he seemed to not be able to get any rhythm. Taking weird lines. Certainly had a few bad breaks behind Sexton with lappers ... more »

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Contract year is a correlation to BamBam riding well. So is longer periods of being healthy and getting help on setup.

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That would be cool to take a pit stop approach and practice getting the bike “clean enough” within a few seconds to make a meaningful difference. Maybe whole helmet and goggle change at the same time. Ridiculous but cool and just maybe meaningful

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AC Sexton Zach

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It’s so obvious to me. Last year Savatgy’s bike was unreliable because the number 1 guy Eli had the best equipment. Now Adam is #1 guy and and Eli gets the roached parts. /sarcasm

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I watched Loretta's amateur for the first time this year, and was pleasantly surprised on the 10 commandments name for that jump rhythm section, I think it's pretty clever. Didn't think it would last with the woke mob that dictates what can and can't ... more »