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I’m not a fan of the blue seat ‘86 look on too many models. Some of them just look cheesy. The CRF logo looks weird - agree that Geico bikes look the best this year.

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Manchurian candidate Dungey - tell me more!

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I remember a nice write up in CN - “ from the moment He let the clutch out, Kenny saw nothing but lapped riders”.

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For years I put my kids CRF80/150/230 under a camper shell by dropping the forks in the triple clamps, compressing the forks with a tie down, and compressing the rear shock. I just put the tie down around the axle, though that Hex key looks pretty nifty. ... more »

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Here is the proto cybervan

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Hangtown Big Moe Duane’s half pipe Lucas oil drop Only the drop has been around since the 80s, wasn’t even named till recently. Rest are more recent. I thought FLY 150 was going to be a signature section but that was taken out. That was a cool jump that ... more »

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Dowd at the ‘Wick

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Nice photoshop, but can still see edges around bike. I can't imagine any scenario where the landing is OK with that big of a bike and guy if real.

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I just got the inside scope from MXA on the radical two stroke looking Gas Gas that the Hoff will be campaigning

... more »
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Vital needs to give users another vote that can only be used once per day /week for really funny stuff like this. All the back and forth posts and then a picture says it all. 👍👍

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Is there any Euro that came over and has done this well in their second race? What a treat to have him mix it up with the local guys. Bigger fan now.

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I was hoping that he would wake up on the sand with 100 bikes tapped out in 5th gear running by him, then stage him joining the race and then cut to real footage. Put some effort into the comedy like “Mac to the future”

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"we can deal with speed" at least the first few times.....

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Yeah, but I can understand. Eric provides a wide range of functions at reasonable prices. If he would just say "no" to the older products (like the most of the high end race shops), then he'd have more time. But those fringe needs wouldn't get serviced ... more »

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Eric picked up the phone when I called him for my CR500 cylinder. Spent the time to discuss with me what I wanted.

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23" front wheel? 20" front wheel? Dual carbs on XR200R, XR250R Stopping MR50, CR60 production Stopping CR500 production (should have just went like Yamaha and BNG the hell out of it forever) Never coming out with a CR100 like RM and YZ's Being so scared ... more »

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Holy crap! Agree with all, but I really feel the 1989 Honda forks. 1st Gen USD forks. Had sheet metal spacer and springs that rubbed the internals - the oil was always dirty and clogging the base valve. You couldn't change fork oil often enough. Saw ... more »

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If you think it might rain section 106 or near, row 30 or higher to be underneath overhang, If you bet it won’t rain, 2017 Section 137, row 27 seats 1-3 hang right over edge of track.

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Funny how luck runs good and bad. Gasjer hasn’t had a good year and been competitive with Cairoli since his WC. This year he is on fire when Hoff didn’t hit his stride until too late and Cairoli and Herlings got hurt. Next year should be awesome if they ... more »

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Team USA didn’t excuse themselves to prep for supercross, they stepped up to represent their country. I hope they had a good time and learn from the experience.