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Ok, Start bike. idles high then taper down till it shut off. Adjust idle screw. just makes it idle at high rpm longer then idles down to off. cleaned carb and reset air fuel to 1 1/2 to 2 turns. same thing. Heres the kicker. like an idiot i took off ... more »

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Wow, this topic is perfect timing for me. I've been looking for new gear this past week. I've been accustomed to believe that boots and helmets(leave out neck brace for now) are the 2 most important things you can buy as far as safety and the question ... more »

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1 sentence, golf, MX! Fail. Especially in this instance. I would think one knows they assume a little more risk attending an mx race than a golf match or whatever they call it! Not hating on golf, but the relation here..... No good amigo!

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Christian is def. fun to watch. Before his injury in supercross this year i was pulling for him the hardest. Also, very cool to see him at the USGP. Respect for him!

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KTM owners don't shoot me if this isn't true. But i always thought KTM parts were high priced.(Atleast higher than a jap bike). Is this true. Are the parts prices leveling out. Is it any harder to get them?

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Especially since when you by a yz you are just buying a new what 5 year old bike. Edit* Although I have to give them credit for atleast making them available.

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Never thought i would ever say this, but i will be looking into buying a 250sx. The fact that they are the only ones who really continue to support the cheap mans form of mx and at 2 grand cheaper than a 450..... Need to see some MXA test rides or rider ... more »

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Bitter sweet news! Glad he's is doing good, but horrible way to end his mx career. Best of luck to you if you ever read this crap.

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I just put a set of Stellar graphics on my bike. They look very nice and have held up so far. I picked them because i hate the Corporate ones ie monster. I don't rider for monster or rockstar or any of that shit so why would i want it on my bike. Stellar ... more »

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I would be interested as well. Plus i'm in Pa as well. I have an 05 Kx 250 now and love it. Its clapped out but won't part with it because i'm not sure if i could find another.

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Saw the factory connetion video on the site and it sounds like you want to pick a point that is in the arc of the swing arm, which makes perfect sense to me.

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Having major issues with this. I don't have a service manual, but i have all of the numbers i'm suppose to have. My problem is all the info i am getting on sag doesn't really get that technical about it. My problem is the locations to take the measurements ... more »

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noob, yes i know... This is a tricky question. There is no right or wrong way because it depends on to many other things ie. corner design, ruts, berms, traction in, traction out, braking bumps. etc. Getting in slower will be faster if you can't hammer ... more »

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