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Jmart doesn't have an SX title. So if he races or not shouldn't change if there will be a new 250 SX champ

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Just looking for a quick easy update of what happened to Tomac today with out digging through 28 pages. How was he running? What happened in practice? How was he running in heat before whatever failure happen? Etc Much Thank You.

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The shot above them.... simply badass!

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I had a 2005(same bike). Engine was stout, handling lacked. Was better with suspension work, but not great. I still loved the bike. If its priced right, pick it up. I sold mine and regret it. She was a beauty. [img] [/img]

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There is also about a 4yr age difference.

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Sent a request couple weeks back, but don't think i was added. Tag KRyan523

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I'm semi with op here. If you seriously think that it does not existed in mx/sx as it does in every other sport, bahaha. Get your "that f word" head out of the sand. Whether it's for, the most prominent issue in our sport, speeding up rehab due to injuries ... more »

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Is Hog Heaven still around. That was one of my favorites when we made our winter riding trips before the kids popped out...

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Hahahaha, I love it!

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SlingTV-Fox Sports2 -7 day free trial

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Like the subject says. In search of a newer CX50 jr. Live in central PA.

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Will there be a live stream?

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Can someone embed the video. My work blocks transworld for some reason.

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I've had no issues with the app. Stream from my phone to 55" flat screen with a Chromecast. Full screen and good quality.

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Got it to work. I grabbed the wife's tablet and it got it the first time with the email that I wanted to link to. Was pissin me off for a bit though.

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Auto fill is not on. I typed in both addresses. Both say invalid.

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Wont let me sign up. Says email address is invalid. Tried 2 different email addresses. Nothing worked. Any ideas?

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Not sure if i'm feeling nostalgic with the talk of Dungey possibly being done, but if so the "changing of the gaurd" is truly about to happen. With 13 of the past 15 championships being won by 2 guys with the first name Ryan, the record book are going ... more »

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Yeah, sorry about that. Thats in the wrong topic.