Added reply in a thread ohlins cartridge insert for WP AER 48 on KTM 450sxf 5/26/2020 4:55 PM

I just switched my aer over to ohlins ttx 22 cartridge from coppersmith, it's pretty dang good, I posted on thumpertalk about it, I had the mx tech midvalve setup which helped but was not what I was looking for, the ohlins is a pretty solid product, ... more »

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Check float hieght might be to much fuel, check vent lines and possible turn up idle

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I have a 350 and it's a really good spread of power, my last 450 felt like it had more overall but was heavy, the 350 I have now is pretty good but wears me out in the sense that it give's me the sensation to rev the piss out of it, they roughly make ... more »

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John Dowd 2009 southwick, finished 3rd overall, pretty crazy for some in there mid 40's

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It's not a carb, it's the piece that the main jet threads into, or the piece the needle slides into, I had one on my yz, could not get lean spot jetted out, did seem to rev quicker but other than that for what I do it wasn't to beneficial in my scenario, ... more »

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If your super concerned with it maybe send cylinder out to get replated and give them piston to fit it.

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I have ran cylinders at .0015 to .002 before, they were fine, that was with forged wiseco, the coating on the skirt is typically a moly, it will wear in alittle, alot of times if I get a cylinder back and it measures on the tight side like .0015 I will ... more »

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If I had to do it over again I would not have went the with a 300 cylinder, there is a lot of good tuners out with experience on the yz 250, Tuna is right a stock bore 250 is hard to beat when ported correctly, 300's are flat on top, yes the bottom end ... more »

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I have a athena kit on my yz, obviously not a esr 325, but the 300 even with the porting seems pretty flat on top, I feel my stock bore cylinder is every bit as strong and definitely is better mid and up, the 300 is pretty good in the tight stuff.

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Yes just a gasket

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I've had Derek do work and he did what he said he would, after some tuning they were really good, I've had other builders do work and it was either good or long and drawn out, over the years I've learned to do it myself, whether it's just a rebuild or ... more »

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Need sss forks, triple clamps and caliper bracket also, if I remember you have to use your steering stem pressed into new clamps, your forks now can be made to work fairly well, ask yourself what are you really looking to gain, there is many good suspension ... more »

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I have one and it's not like that, good job on your part catching it, send it back

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Dont get wrapped up in outright hp or dyno sheets, I would take a bike with less power and a better chassis and suspension then one with the most, dyno's are a great tool but that's where it ends, one might read 45 in California and the next might read ... more »

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I haven't rode a new suzuki rmz but I'm sure its good, the only suzuki I never had a problem selling was an 06 rm250, I do regret selling it. Just think the decision through, at the end of the day as long as your riding that's what counts, I recently ... more »

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I would look at resale value on the back half, the suzuki is a good bike, hell there all good bikes, but when your done with it there is a small market to appeal to when it runs on race gas and has a bunch of motor work done, look at longevity, durability ... more »

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I would suggest new valves, and have someone cut seats, if you rode it any decent amount of time like that there shot along with the seats, if you could see any dirt or any material visually there junk, if you do have it back together you could do a ... more »

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Probably alot of time on crank, big end end bearing goes and usually plastic stuffers melt, you can get crank rebuilt with oem or by a new one

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Flat track bikes make alot typically, but the torque is up there and very linear, I couldn't imagine riding a bike with that kind of power, I'm sure it has its place.

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Alot is riding technique, like said before, try to relax, work on regrip and over grip for throttle and braking, dont forget to breathe, I know when I go out and ride and I get arm pump it registers with me that my technique is off and position, grip ... more »