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The athena kit is pretty good, compression is a little high, I feel its a better route than the EG setup, cylinder is designed for it, they run good stock, uses o rings for head instead of gasket, quality is pretty decent overall

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I've had a rekluse in and it was ok, I have had really good luck with oe plates and a billet basket, just my preference.

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I have a athena kit, its pretty good, I had some minor porting done to it prior, nothing major it worked well, jetting was easy, added some low end, just was in process of rebuilding it and everything looked fairly good after 50hrs, I have a pretty good ... more »

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Check grounds

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launch mode is gone. Tc is essentially there easy to ride map which works great for me

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I suggest maybe entering a few harescrambles, there about 2hrs on a bike and you will learn alot, seat time is irreplaceable, have fun and keep focused, do what you feel comfortable with.

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I just put one on my 350 xcf, it is programmed by twisted, if I understand them correctly map 1 on selector switch is there map #1 on box, map 2 on switch is whatever map you want to set dial to on box and the traction control switch is map #3 on box, ... more »

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I have never used o1m in a shock, its close to a 5wt, i would imagine it would stiffen up the dampening, i would have him run to store and get shock oil

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The yz is good, but I think the ktm with the counter balance set up is the way to go, the wp suspension is good also, the kyb is real good, i own a yz and had never had a problem with the transmission or clutch, the front brake is no where near the ktm. ... more »

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I was at a track last week and a guy had a rm 125 with a aluminum tank, he said his good friend does them, name of his shop is Medusa fab.

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My ktm was the same way, messed with fork. Handle bars, and gearing also remapped, helped a ton, but my yz just does some things better, or maybe its me

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Does anyone know if its better than a remapped stock ecu. I really don't care for the engine braking to much

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Had the same issue, didn't matter where I put the bars at on a ktm, the neken's are stiff, switched bends and went to the odi bars with the crossbar, night and day difference, if you have another set try swapping them

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Remove set screw and a little heat

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I went from the mxt mid valve to the coppersmith ohlins cartridge, I like the ohlins setup alot, just more consistent,still have air on one side but 1/2 the pressure, the stock aer forks are pretty good, just not what I'm use to, wanted a setup that ... more »

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Is top part busted? if so I just welded it cause they break all the time I might have one

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You can find some decent deals on Craigslist, doesn't have to be a top notch brand, but the snap on, Mac and matco boxes are very good, and priced that way for a reason, Kennedy also makes some nice rollers.

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I run a 250f shock in my yz, 18mm shaft was 06' and up, 16mm shaft was 05 and down, 46mm body is the same just diameter of reservoir changed

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I called them, they did not know the cst off hand, said they would get back to me, I'm curious if maybe the kyb oil is a little lighter.

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What was previous oil in shock? As in cst, recently I rebuilt my ktm shock and went with k2c oil, I noticed the same thing it felt softer, I just turned In compression a few clicks, I dont know what the fc oil is compared to kyb or motorex oil, but might ... more »