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I agree, battery technology is really the only thing holding electric bikes back. Once they figure out how to pack the same amount of energy into the battery as what's in a tank of gas, electric bikes will become the norm.

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I ride in the mountains alot and the trails there are very rugged an full of broken up rocks. To avoid pinch flats I run 17 in the front and 16 in the rear. For normal trail riding I go down to 15 front 14 rear.

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He is a Bug. A Boston terrier / Chinese Pug cross. super high energy dog!

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Brutus the big one is scared of everything with a motor, and Muggs the little guy wants to chase everything that moves! Lol.
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Honda - the best quality Yamaha - the best durability Kawasaki - powerful but unrefined Suzuki - lacking quality, falling behind KTM - the new Honda Husky -white KTM TM - very nice but obscure

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You need one of these! You will be smiling when it's snowing! Lol

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No shit hey! Nowadays it seems everybody feels that you shouldn't say anything that hurts their sensitive little feelings. Alot of people out there that feel the universe revolves around them. I blame social media for making people feel that their opinion ... more »

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I don't know if that is very safe! She could very easily have a strap failure which could cause her to go off balance and go down hard! Of course then I would rush in there and rescue her from that dangerous situation. keeping her firmly supported as

... more »
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Didn't say you had to like or dislike him, just stating that I am starting to like him less than I used to. Not butt hurt either, I really don't care enough to be butt hurt, but I guess I might have caused some pain for his fanboys! Sorry about that ... more »

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I'm starting to really dislike Roczen and his massive ego! He is going to learn humility the hard way when he takes that big fall that comes for everyone sooner or later! Your good at riding a dirtbike Kenny, that's cool but it doesn't give you the right ... more »

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Exactly! That's what makes Dungey so hard to beat for a title. He is a relentless competitor that will always be right there to capitalize on any mistake! Roczen has blazing speed, but when you make a mistake at those speeds it can be costly! Should ... more »

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In my opinion, if you have never seen a supercross live and up close then you really have no idea how knarly it really is! It looks hard on TV, but it looks tame on TV compared to seeing it live. I have nothing but respect for anybody that qualifies ... more »

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Wow that is some great quality video! Those guys were hauling on those old tanks! Thanks for sharing!

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Everyone that I know that has met Mike has nothing but good things to say about him. I like having someone of his talent racing up here in Canada, Both him and Davi bring alot of interest to the series. I'm hoping he has a great supercross season, and ... more »

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I just hope that James doesn't try to rush another attempt if he is still feeling the effects of A1! Your health is all you truly have and the money /fame is not worth it if you end up crippled mentally or physically! That being said, I hope he can make ... more »

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I plan to to ride until I physically can't do it anymore, and when that day comes I will add a couple wheels! Lol I lost some interest in moto for a few years when I got into cars and girls. But I am as interested in watching pro racing now as I ever ... more »

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As far,as I'm concerned big multinational corporations have been stealing from the people for years by not paying their fair share of the taxes! I'm all for the little guy stealing some back!

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Some of my best memories are of my Honda z50 and my dad teaching me how to ride! Good for you! I bet they are thinking you are the best dad ever now! Lol

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I have had R/C cars for about 10 years now. My first one was a nitro and and I found I was constantly tuning it. I fixed it way more than I ever drove it. As soon as lipo batteries and brushless motors came out I knew gas engines were on their way out. ... more »

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Great looking bike! I have a question for you. Is it very expensive to internally lower the shock? I have a buddy that is looking to buy a new bike and he's vertically challenged. I had mentioned a lower seat and possibly lowering the subframe. He asked ... more »