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Is this similar to the shock that Sexton and TG243 are running?

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I don’t think it being at SLC is bad I thing having the finale as a day race and a bad track is what made the night pretty mediocre.

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I use ethikas and the Evs long compression socks. Never ride down and work well with my knee braces.

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Sexton did something similar in his pro debut. Broke a leg or something. Hopefully nothing to serious for Jett.

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Here’s my number I’m interested in the 7 gear if it’s still available 559 920 7141

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I remember a couple years ago it was the budlight fast lap for outdoors. AC92 won it as a minor. I thought it was pretty funny.

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Thats true. I think Savatgy could do real well on the 450. Nuts wasnt the right wording lol. I just think Peick will be the better rider next year. Time will tell though. Im excited for next year it'll be a good one.

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Peick has podiums indoors and out. He deserves a factory ride. Savatgy isnt proven yet in the 450's. Hes done good in 250s but hasnt set the world on fire by any means. I like Savatgy i think he'll be a good fit at Kawi. But to say he deserves a factory ... more »

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I second Myles. I smashed one of theres in a crash. Pretty good get off but they sent me a new one free of charge. I had it for a year to. Really good people. Also the radiator quality is great. They have addition support bracket in the center.

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What happened to Kyle Regal?After his title I remember he raced the next year injured or something. Don't know what happened after that. I don't have social media so forgive me!

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We call Jason Anderson crazy balls because you never know what's going to happen with him.

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What about Hunter Lawrence little brother? Heard that kid rips.

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Yes not to bad. Not sure it'll effect anything.

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In short should I get a new stator? Or just replace the bolts. I plan on flushing the system with a few quarts of oil. There was some noticible amount of fine metal shavings in the oil filter and strainer. But I'll get a new filter and clean strainer.

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So a little about myself first. I'm 20 years old and a novice mechanic. My friend had a bike making a loud clicking noise when he turned it over. I told him to bring it over before he drops a bunch of money at a dealership. So I pulled the ignition cover

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For Local races I like to race 2 classes. So I think you should have your 250 A though C classes. Than a open A though C for anybody. Also still have normal 450 A though C with your mini bike classe.

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Happened in 2015 in the first few rounds If i remember correctly. Racer X covered it in a magazine issue.

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Kowskii305 is mine. I'm all in for this! Me and my little brother do this locally on reflex its a blast!