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I can call names like an adolescent too smegma licker. Now that that's out of the way you should get a different life and take up spelling. If you're satisfied with the current situation great. There's a bunch of us here that would like an improvement. ... more »

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I didn't "tell" them anything. If you have reading comprehension you'll see that I said I made polite suggestions. If your happy with the broadcast sit quietly and enjoy it. If not step up and try to make it better.

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about the quality of the Supercross broadcast. Who knows maybe if enough of us voice our concerns there instead of just here we can accomplish something. Here's the link I used for said contact. Once ... more »

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Tried to buy a shirt but the biggest is XL? Where's the 2XL and 3XLs Dave? We large folk like to look dapper too!

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"Lastly, the USA has a built in unfair advantage, 350,000,000 citizens and an overall 3.8 million square miles. France has a population of 67,000,000 and has about 249,000 square miles" Sounds like the Electoral College.

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Unless you live in a rural area with only 1 internet provider and it's pitifully slow.

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That was an ugly set of gear.

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He'll still have Ralf slobber all over him just like tonight and every race he gets in the camera shot.

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Dump Ralf and Will, keep RC and Blair and bring in Weege. Major improvements.

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Blair gave a $500 gift card to one of the picture people Sunday.

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Canard jr?

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Ralf got to say "Seven deuce deuce " multiple times! He was in his happy place.

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Ralph blamed it on Ray's moustache.

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Don't forget moustaches and fit and tan.

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I have a 7 x 16 enclosed. I put 4 bike shoes in at an angle down the left side starting at the front. Once the bikes are all locked in I run a tie down bar to bar on the 2 outside bikes. Works great.

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At least we didn't have to hear "the seven deuce deuce ". He did knob slobber Reed too much. Get rid of him and Wil and it would be much more tolerable.

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A couple of other sites I'm on have "Good karma, pay it forward " threads. Someone posts something free, the first person that call dibs gets it and pays the postage to get it sent to them or picks it up in person if they live close. Should work out ... more »

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My rural internet is so slow I'll have to record it and watch it later.

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You’ve heard one side of a disagreement between two people you probably don’t even know and have decided “Matthes is a douche.” That’s one of the problems with our country in present times, we’re divided to the point of hate. God Bless America for allowing us to have our own POV’s.

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My favorite 3 digit rider..