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It is kinda strange that the promos for Kyle's videos would be posted on all the major moto sites up until the Joaquin Faldon episode of the Spectrum series where he called Loretta's a joke. In fact, I'm pretty sure I remember seeing the promo on Vurb ... more »

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Video brings back some serious memories... must've parked in that exact spot hundreds of times and could vividly remember all of the lines and most of the bumps on the track RJ was riding. I was hoping they would head over to "Bear Killer" or the "Punch ... more »

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Were the actions of the NSA legal? A couple Law professors discuss in the NYT: The Criminal N.S.A. tl;dr? last sentence of article: "It’s time to call the N.S.A.’s mass ... more »

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Exactly what law are you referring to that says it's OK to secretly surveil all Americans without a warrant?

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Many of us, myself included, suspected things of this nature were taking place but the details and magnitude were not available and if you spoke of your beliefs, many would label you a "conspiracy theorist". These developments have removed any doubt, ... more »

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Ed Snowden could be the worst guy in the world but it doesn't change the info he's brought to light. Seems like much of the media and gov want to make the story about him but it's not.

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The only thing Snowden has hurt is the credibility of the USG

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In his post-race interview, he said that was the Dirt Shark salute. Hill has always worn entry level boots.

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iPhone vid of K-dub's SD SX transfer

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I thought they were archived in realtime but when I clicked the live link, there were links to view the motos but I kept getting error messages when it was trying to connect. Running OSX 10.7, latest version of Safari and Silverlight. Whatever. Thanks ... more »

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that's what I thought as well but they're still not up. many thanks, ocscottie!

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Looking for links to watch Unadilla online or info on when Alli will have them on their site. Thanks.

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Izzi on Valli/Star

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looks like I could've been your lil' brother. ('82 Barona Oaks)

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I don't remember his exact age when he passed but he was probably in his early 20's He was at the river, riding passenger in a truck that drifted off the road and rolled. He went out of the window and was crushed by the truck. He would've turned 40 this ... more »

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Just to set the record straight, Kyle had NOTHING to do with the Boycott page on fb, or the mentions on Vurb, MXA, TWMX or any of the other media outlets that chose to report the story. Those were all examples of the MX community coming together, trying ... more »

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So Milestone has deleted the thread from their facebook page. Milestone says they want suggestions but nothing seems to change. Never in my 30yrs of riding SoCal tracks have I heard of anything close to this. This is sounding more and more like an inside ... more »

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My pops, 66y/o - has to ride at least once a week or he starts to go crazy and he never mentions his age.

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If you've got a smartphone, check out the endomondo app - the free version is pretty darn good

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In the TWMX Pit Pass video, Tony Alessi was pretty distraught that the AMA was cracking down on head injuries, forcing them to sit out 2 rounds. I can't imagine putting a race result ahead of my child's safety.