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Here’s what my insider source told me back in July. KTM was planning new 250 and 450 factory editions this year, Husky guys (especially Anderson) complained that this was unfair that they would have to wait a year to be on them and be at a disadvantage ... more »

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Ill be there!

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Interested to see if he does MX

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There is a private club track that allows visitors in Edinboro about 20 minutes from Erie. It is called Hillside MX and you can find them on Facebook, they are located behind Five Star Cycle. If you want to see some cool classic moto bikes and items ... more »

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Update: broken right wrist, broken left scapula, broken left elbow, bruised ribs, bruised right lung and a collapsed left lung.

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Waiting for more details, from what I’ve heard the crash was at Milestone during SX testing.

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Ill take the brakes, wheel bearings, shifter and brake please.

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The new one is a private track for a factory level amateur rider. They have some things to do permit wise before it will be complete and ready to ride. You'll see a few pros out there from time to time ounce it does open.

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Funny part is at one point Blake's plan was that after his new building and race shop were complete he would have this shipping container mounted onto a truck so that if he was going to a different track around the Florida area to practice or train for ... more »

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Photos please!

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Looking for new or used GYTR Tuner for the 2014-2017 YZ250F-YZ450F

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Just to add some fuel to the fire.....there was a fully built bike in the Redbull KTM semi at Budds with no numbers on it yet...........

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I've heard that Webb will be there along with the Star Racing guys as well. A few American privateers such as Austin Root, Carlos Short, and potentially Justin Starling I've heard will be competing as well. There were a few other teams that were planning ... more »

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Gotta give big Kudos to Malcolm, he was out there in the heat in full gear from 7:30am-5pm as the celebrity pace bike for the first lap of each practice session. The short time in between practice sessions didn't allow him to take off his gear to cool

... more »
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The conspiracy theorist in me me wonders if maybe this is code for "we want a little extra time to test the 18 and don't want to send a rig cross country and back for one rider who hates his current generation bike" guess we'll see what happens before ... more »

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Per RacerX Webb sustained a knee injury last weekend and will be sitting this one out.

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Such a rad dude.

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Here's another angle. I was standing next to the mule shooting photos, one of the scariest crashes I've witnessed.

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Its funny how when Roczen was a bit cocky prior to A1 everyone thought it was cool....... (Disclaimer To Keyboard Warriors and Fangirls: I am a huge Roczen fan this is not me dissing him"