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I hope the american broadcast crew is paying attention, because this reporting from the pits and showing the features on the FMX bike is exactly what the SX broadcast is lacking.

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I can not seem to login either

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Good luck Tyler!

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Awesome riding by the kid, but why did he not get DQ’d for cutting the start? I understand him continueing to race to show that he was the fastest rider out there, but after that he did not deserve the overall win. Also amazed at the fact that Ralph, ... more »

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If a track works for a venue then why change it the next year? I would rather see the same track again with a few tweaks to fix sections that didn't work so well.. The need to have a new trackdesign at every venue every year is ridiculous..

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Exactly. When he got going again he was in 12th and entered the track in 9th or so. The "safe" thing to do was wait it out and then continue racing by turning the bike around.

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So the "Sharks" are solely interested in investing into your existing company and of course make the most profit. I guess this is the first 100% biodegradable handsoap seeing we've been using similar products for over 20 years. A good idea like this ... more »

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Interesting show. Is it about bringing forward new ideas and products or does it mind if the product already exists?

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The flying dentist!

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There was enough track left to slow down and double the leap. When you take such a wide line you can expect to be overtaken.

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Wow... Awesome composition Jeffrey! The racing, the crowd and scenery. The lighting is sharp and clear aswel. Thanks for the pictures!

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Davi did great on the Suzuki.. There is still a Suzuki ride available for outdoors

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They should get rid of east and west. Make it 1 group, add semi's, and make the mains 20mins +2laps.

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I have the same feeling. The AMA are years ahead of the GPs when it comes to capturing the action on camera.

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Anyone got the livestream link for me? Thanks!

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I actually think the opposite. East looks far more interesting than the west coast. Cannot wait for tomorrow!

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Bad fishing attempt...

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Wow did Grant look awesome on that Honda.

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Watch the video again... Canard jumps to the middle of the track. He has to with the speed he is carrying or else he will fly off the track is he sticks to the left side of the track. Canard had a massive brainfart and that nearly ended both his and ... more »