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Absolutely gutted for Lawrence.

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Just wondering why there were 3ish yellow flags with one red cross flag in the middle. In a situation like that, why not just have all flaggers using red cross flags where the incident is? It seems having multiple yellow and then one red cross is just ... more »

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Definitely a much needed confidence booster, especially since now his knee might finally be back to full strength.

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Damn, Marv drops to 5th and then makes up almost 10 seconds! If only there was one more lap!

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I was hoping with his move to KTM, he would drop the cocky attitude shit and chill out. Clearly not the case.

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Bro just scroll through Butt Snorklers insta while watching the races if you need to. The less dumb Monster shit, the better.

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I would rather have Jeff with Langston or Weege. I know Ralph is really passionate about the sport, but I can't stand the sudden yelling while trying to hype every little thing up. Jeff can ramble on sometimes, but at least he's chill about it. I just ... more »

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Probably because they knew someone would make a thread about it.

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Herlings was spot on. Also, Prado beat Tomac on a 250...

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Colton has a rad style, plus the single take makes it so much more impressive. He definitely gets my vote.

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This would be awesome if it actually happened!

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I too was always under the impression that this had been the case.

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Dang, that sucks. Understandable though, it's tough financially for the smaller Euro countries to come all the way over here. Hopefully we don't lose too many other countries/riders due to this.

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So many people triggered by some goofy gear....Lighten up, kids.

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The future is now.

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This. Plus on top of all that, he's had limited outdoor prep and bike testing coming into this season with the new bike. I really hope he can bang out a win or some closer finishes to Eli and get some confidence back.

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I have two sets of SE Air, been holding up great and super comfy.

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Marv was also out at GH today...

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It's like picking "Moment of the race" on lap two.