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Roczen passing Webb on the pegs at Highpoint last year was an awesome pass.

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Gap between titles. Lackey could have won more AMA titles, but went to conquer the world. Took him 10 years. But he did it.

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You are correct. Albee was here in 95. So 94-99.

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Henry from 94 125 title to 98 250 National title. Albertyn 94 250 world title to 1999 250 National title. (Edited) Longest gap between any titles would be Brad Lackey 1972 500 National Champ to 1982 500 World Champ.

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Anaheim re-erupted in boos.

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The GP’s run short tracks all the time. Most GPs have sub 1:50 lap times. With a couple under 1:40. It will be fine.

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RC hasn’t been tagging Fox in his recent posts on his Triumph ride, Oakley is tagged. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Weird times.

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One thing with C and B class riders is they commit to their class level in March at the Areas, a lot of laps and progress happens in the 5 months between the first areas and the National. Although some riders just sandbag.

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If the $7 million price is true, it better come with $6 million of parts and accessories.

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One race doesn’t make a career. Because the guy with the most future championship potential on that result sheet is McAdoo in last place. Bloss has shown speed in the 450 class, but championships look unlikely at this point. There’s only a couple guys ... more »

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K&K Insurance is the main insurer for motocross, but they are picky with who they insure, or K2 Insurance brokers in California, it really depends on where you are located for what and who will insure you. We had $1 million per occurrence, $2 million ... more »

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Langston did it outdoors in 2003 for the 125 National title. And JMB won the 1991 250 Nationals without winning an overall.

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Can’t wait for the “why is Dunlop giving Kenny the better tires?! They want the German to win!” Comments. 😂

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He’s also left handed. So that could be why his left hand is the one he uses more.

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And his first ever 250 win in 2013 in Salt Lake City. The same race Roczen failed to qualify in and Tomac faded to 9th. If 2013 is any indication (it’s not) we are in for a wild ride.

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The SMX Cup in Germany was sparsely attended, would probably be the closest to no fans I could remember.

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I love pulling holeshots without using a start device, start map, or roasting a fresh rear tire on a concrete pad. Throttle control and technique is all you really need.

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Broc Glover YZ 490 against Bailey’s Works CR 500.

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Was planning on going a 3 week trip to Italy to go to the Maggoria MXGP, Monaco F1, and Mugello MotoGP. That’s not happening now. Waiting to see if Mammoth is happening, being postponed to later in the summer? That’s always a couple thousand all in (parts/tires/entries/condo/fuel). ... more »