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One way or another, JLaw gets people going. We're about to start page 6!

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While I totally respect his career achievements, I've never been a real Dungey fan. That said, this comeback was really cool and very impressive. Respect.

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I'd be happy to ride like ANYBODY in these previous pages.

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I've been told that the owner/management is the same, just with a different name. It appears that lawyers figured a way to make this work. When I imagined it reopening, I imagined it would be with new a new owner, which I thought would take a while to ... more »

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Obviously I'm just over-simplifying things, but I just don't understand how someone could sign those waivers we all sign, and actually successfully sue the facility. It's as simple as ride at your own risk, and if something happens, it's not their fault ... more »

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Sad day. I loved that place. Almost seems unreal ..... like an April Fools thing .... but it's January.

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DIRTBIKERACER, keep starting all the threads you want. Don't be discouraged by the Vitards. I appreciate your passion and enthusiasm. Just shake off the negative comments and soldier on. It's nice to come in here, especially during the off-season, and ... more »

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I really recommend watching the whole series of videos --- I believe there are 6 parts. Great guy, and very interesting story. Really glad to see him doing well, and getting 2 straight, top ten weekends.

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Carlos is from Puerto Rico.

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Wow. I laughed so hard on some of these that I literally farted.

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It looked like white gear that had been soaked in piss.

Added reply in a thread Is Cooper Webb the real threat to Eli? 6/13/2020 2:59 PM

Webb seems to be a threat for wins, but not the championship. Tomac is TOO fast, and has a comfortable points lead. Unless something catastrophic happens to Tomac, he is the 2020 SX Champion. But a mechanical DNF for Tomac could make things interesting. ... more »

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Stewart. Hands down. End of story. I've got passes that I remember in my head, but can't remember the year or city. It took me a while to locate it, but I found one of those memorable passes. It was St. Louis 2009, and he put a brilliant pass on Reed ... more »

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Looking back through this thread, unfortunately a lot of the pictures don't show up anymore. I recently realized that Jeff Walker looks a lot like an MMA fighter from New Zealand called Dan Hooker.

... more »
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... more »
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... more »
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I was REALLY hoping they would do the empty stadium racing.

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Giving the bike away was one thing, but the way he went out of his way to truly make the day special and memorable for the kid was truly great. That is a day that kid will NEVER forget. Just imagine being in that kid's shoes. First you have a top level ... more »

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Started new thread Coty Schock 7/2/2019 1:58 PM

I found out about this kid through a youtube channel (Johnny Hopper). He almost won a prize at that youtube channel, where the channel's subscribers voted on a privateer that would be supported with a "jackpot" prize. There was a 6 part series that I ... more »

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