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The entire 450 SX season can easily be done for around $40K

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Pepsi Co did or maybe still does own Sobe and the No Fear Energy drinks, which were a big part of Factory Suzuki and the FC Honda Teams.

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I am from Magic Racing in Shelby Twp., MI. We do have a 2021 MC85 on the floor, but it is sold. Currently the 19/16 is all that is available but have been told a select amount of 17/14 bikes will be available in the spring.

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Pastrana-ish and also great advertising opportunity for the family business!

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Chevy, GM, Cadillac GasGas, KTM, Husky Although this pic of the the AJE bike is NOT a GasGas! It is in fact like Maverick said, an actual KTM with red plastic.

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If it's Pettis, I say 14-12 moto scores. I do not think he can be a top ten guy here. Great kid though.

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Check out Mike Grohndal's Twitter for a lot of info. Seems that Geico has made political points that he doesnt agree with and has caused distance between the two.

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Unfortunately this seems to be more of a political difference between the team and Geico.

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It's my understanding that the 450 guys were owned/contracted through Husky direct, but Bobby had control over the 250 team. On a side note it is really cool to see how loyal and successful his core guys have been. Deano is an original guy from Bobby's ... more »

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... more »
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...But for real, Orange and Silver is back!

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Not shitting on Rotella, just used it as a non-moto reference as it would be your only option.

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It is really funny to me that people believe that "online" is a store that stocks everything there is for every bike. It is simply drop shipping a very high percentage of the time. Support local because they are who supports the local track. Times have ... more »

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Can we stop with the whole .5 thing yet?

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Link to the podcast?

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Go to your local dealer and build a relationship with them. They will forward discounts where need be and can work with vendors on special sponsorship opportunities. Your local dealer can get anything that you're going to order online and can possibly ... more »

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This guy will be in Two Two's autograph line.

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I am currently at 32.821 and have some pretty fast company on my friends list. We are all between 32.4 and 33.9 so not sure how these randoms get a 21. I call it a glitch somewhere too.The best in the U.S. is a 31.052, so maybe something with the overseas ... more »

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I was thinking that too and am guessing that without J Mart's injury he'd have rode 250 last year and moved up to the 450 this season, nut Sexton moving up allows Martin to transition back to racing on the 250 and if all goes well, O'd see Sexton out ... more »