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Go to your local dealer and build a relationship with them. They will forward discounts where need be and can work with vendors on special sponsorship opportunities. Your local dealer can get anything that you're going to order online and can possibly ... more »

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This guy will be in Two Two's autograph line.

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I am currently at 32.821 and have some pretty fast company on my friends list. We are all between 32.4 and 33.9 so not sure how these randoms get a 21. I call it a glitch somewhere too.The best in the U.S. is a 31.052, so maybe something with the overseas ... more »

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I was thinking that too and am guessing that without J Mart's injury he'd have rode 250 last year and moved up to the 450 this season, nut Sexton moving up allows Martin to transition back to racing on the 250 and if all goes well, O'd see Sexton out ... more »

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The joy of supporting your local dealer. Head in and let them help you out. Even if they don't have them in stock, they all come from the same 2 distributors and I am sure they'll get them quick for you and get your sizing dialed.

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There is no such thing as a .5. It's an FE.

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This is a Fly racing helmet. Brand new, signed by Benny Bloss, Andrew Short and Weston Peick! Shoot me an email

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I have this Kyle Cunningham jersey that is ready for a new home. Shoot me an email.

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These pictures are of a 2020 KTM 250SX. Stock sprocket is a 14T. I'd guess that your shift lever or shift shaft are bent. I do see what people are talking about with your washer, but assume that it's just not tightened down since you are swapping sprocket

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So there was a few things floating around of some custom Shift gear being made for Sexton to wear in Vegas. I think it was either the Vital or Swap Moto page that showed decals being cut saying they weren't doing sublimation on this set. I did see a ... more »

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Noticed a few things on Alessi too! Helmet has some different vents near the mouth piece, and screw on visor as well. I have seen all of the Fox 2020 helmets and none use screw on visors. The new V3 is sweet! Also check ... more »
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The number 4 and 15 looked pretty darn good through the whoops!

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prize money actually went up a little!

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They are buddies and Bowers always talks about how sketchy Alex is. They were bickering on this weeks Pulp show about how Tyler is scared to even be on the track when A-Ray is out there. It was actually pretty comical.

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Looks like he’s ready to start riding again. My buddy TJ is his mechanic and just posted this.

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Yes, Sarah and her husband Phil were a part of the Marvel Universe Live shows. They played as Black Widow and Captain America. They currently live in Wisconsin. Sarah walks with the help of a cane from her injuries and Phil is recovering from his injuries ... more »

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Anyone interested? Kyle Cunningham Jersey Autographed $100 and Fly Helmet Autographed by Andrew Short, Benny Bloss and Weston Peick $175 Includes US shipping. PayPal or CashApp payment

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