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uhhh the entire front end is swapped. The brake is supposed to go on the other side!

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im not an expert lip reader but it looks like he says Adventuring?

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I have one on my 04 YZ125 and its awesome. Wouldn't go back to stock

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I cant say for sure how Motorcycle manufacturing cycles work, but for cars, anything built after Aug 1 is the next model year. Not January 1.

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I was thinking 2016 Was still the old style plastics but it looks like that was only the case on the enduro models, not the Motocross bikes

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2016? How much work was it to get the new plastics to fit?

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Factory pipe??

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Bumping an old post because we have nothing better to talk about. Why couldn't This bike be ran in MX? Just noise?

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Seems like the float is not closing the fill line all the way. When I have the bowl off, I can push the float up and it stops the flow, but once the bowl is on, it just pours out of the carb unless I turn off the Valve

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Husky is easy. FC-Four Stroke Competition FE-Four Stroke Enduro FX-Four Stroke Cross Country TC-Two Stroke Competition TE-Two Stroke Enduro TX-Two Stroke Cross Country

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I have a 2017 Husky TX300 with 210 hours for sale. In Phoenix, but I can get it to SLC no problem

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New means never sold or titled. There are plenty fo cars sold every day that are "new" with 3000 miles on them. New means never titled. Factory warranty has not started yet. They weren't being dishonest. It was a new bike with 1.7 demo hours.

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Glad there is someone who has personal experience with the wheels! Way better than stories about your friends buddy that knew someone who tried them

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a lot of guys on Thumpertalk say they're good.. I don't have any experience with them though

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no one was forgetting RC did 7 in a row. But 4 in a row is still very impressive

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I just listened to the Whiskey Throttle Show with Jessy Nelson and they were talking about helmet safety. they mentioned that if you asked someone the 3 brands they thought were the safest, they would probably pick the 3 worst. If someone asked me I ... more »

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Chill. It was a joke

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Looking for new take off plastics

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RMATVMC knows something we don’t. March 28th was supposed to be Seattle which was the first one cancelled. So what’s the plan now?