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This is my 6 year old German Shepherd. He loves to chase the bikes and low jump along side us, if I let him. He's great to weed out people you don't want around at the track. Changes personality to fit the person. Great with kids, too.
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Husky- Nightmares, first dirt bike was '86 CR250 enough said KTM- Consumer driven, sometimes too quick to release something new (recalls) Honda- Quality and longevity, win or be gone with you, may not be best performing stock but is excellent starting ... more »

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When a lowballer makes an offer followed by "that's cash" I'll usually say that is a better offer than the M&M's I was asking for. Had a guy that was clearly trying to scope me out to rob as he was asking all sorts of questions like when will you ... more »

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Thieves don't tend to take good care of things. You have no idea what they did to it. Personally, I would avoid it like the plague.

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If you plan to go to Monster Mountain be sure to have a few other tracks picked out because if it rains the track will be closed until it dries up. I've always liked County Line Mx in Florida. It's very relaxed there and is usually not packed. Lots of ... more »

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How did Tommy Boy put it? " I can shit in a nice box marked guaranteed but all you got is a guaranteed piece of shit" or something close to that. It is great that KTM will stand behind their product and issue recalls, though.

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Look at the list of KTM recalls over the past few model years if you need help waiting for the Honda. I plan to get a new CRF but I'm in no hurry. My '05 is still a good bike and it's all set up for me. Plus old man winter showed up this weekend.

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When you think your shit doesn't stink, someone will come along and rub your nose in it.

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If you don't know the song "Albatross", I feel sorry for you. How can I respect your crime, When all you criminals whine? Song still gets me pumped to ride.

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Yes, they did play in the city. Lived upstate all my life and have never been to the city.

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Would've love to been there. Listen to at least one song everyday.

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Tough situation to be in. It might be hard to do but maybe just ask your dad, if possible. Otherwise, I would offer up putting his ashes in an 01 CR125 frame and ride the bike in his favorite places. Planting a tree or bush and put the ashes in the hole ... more »

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For me at least, a rider saying he wasn't fast enough is just stating the obvious. You didn't win, of course you weren't fast enough. Rattling off sponsors like a brain washed cult member is what really matters.

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Coca-Cola owns about 16% of Monster. Monster also uses Coca-Cola's distribution and bottling facilities. I believe Rockstar and Pepsi have a similar deal. I always get a chuckle when people say the sport (mx) needs to find major companies as sponsors. ... more »

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Wasn't Bell bringing a tool to the nationals to measure your head to build a custom fit Moto-9?

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Once a garden is infected with spider mites it is almost impossible to get rid of them. Start by removing any plants that are heavily infected. Make sure to weed your garden (by hand) tomatoes don't like the soil disturbed near them. It hurts small roots ... more »

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Better dirt and more of it would go a long way. Also, a redesign of tuff blocks. For every one rider they help, they cause 10 wrecks. How many times have you seen a rider clip one, kick it out into the racing line then cause a wreck? Not to mention having ... more »

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Hope he does well. I wonder how it will affect the fill-in rider situation?

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From the time my grandpa gave me my first gun, he instilled in me the belief of if you kill it you eat it. If these trophy hunts are legal yes, it can be beneficial to the species and locals. However, it is not hunting so much as culling of that particular ... more »