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Honestly, who gives a f*ck I’m active duty, and there are all kinds that serve. Some are gung-ho and some are soft Forkner is young, and he’s alright in my book - I just want to see him stay healthy

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It’s more fun to ride a slow bike fast, than a fast bike slow IMO I’d go 250, or even 350. You can get in trouble quick on a 450 with that power and torque

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I liked all the Splitfire Pro Circuit bikes growing up. Also, Jeremy’s 96 CR and his Chapparal YZs Kenny’s RCH Suzuki (with the black shrouds)

... more »
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AZ is awesome man, I just moved to DC this month but want to go back permanently in the future. I’ve both rented rooms and rented out rooms with other people the whole 6 years I was there to save a bunch of money, so there is hope out there!

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I had a hard time keeping up with the point of his video. At first I though he was exploiting the guy, although he did make a few good points. Bad timing, but I also know that seeing tragedy can really affect a person. (I saw my dad hurt once and acted ... more »

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Lived in the Bay Area for 1.5 years. Exciting for about a week, and then it was a low point in my life. I can’t think of anything that I really liked about that place. I’ve been in AZ ever since and absolutely love this state

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These are my four most memorable. I caught those first 2 on the same line in Monterrey CA. The Spanish Mackerel caught off Hilton Head SC in the last pic was the tastiest! The bass was about 10 years ago - my dad ... more »
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I agree, I’ve always thought it was a very aesthetic bike that still looks good to this day. I remember looking at used rm80s with my dad and he surprised me with the new rm85 for Christmas. That bike looked light years ahead of the 80s Those shovel ... more »

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I miss seeing Fro in the booth! He has his mx grip venture and was doing the 447 podcast with RC too. I hope his market grille is a success

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I like Ferrandis, he seems like a good dude and a badass rider. I like to see people come to America and make it He rides fast and aggressive, but some passes are a little desperate. Can’t really fault him for trying tho, def keeps it interesting with ... more »

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I wonder why Austin and Rylee broke up They deleted all their pics together. Anyways, Mitch is a legend. I wish Forkner was in the mix this season! Macadoo and Harrison have been riding well. It’s pretty much the JMart/Ferrandis show this season right ... more »

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He literally cut the middle berm just before Larocco’s Leap last weekend like a laser guided missile straight to Marv and knocked him off the track - there wasn’t even a line there! Lol

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Kawasaki still made the KX60 for a few years that overlapped with the KX65 (until 2003?). I remember both being in the shootouts with the KTM65

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Definitely McGrath, Carmichael and Stewart. The 4th pick would be a toss up though. I’d say Pastrana if it’s Moto but NOT strictly racing though

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I’ve been curious too, Noren is one of my favorite guys out there. It was good seeing him running top 5. To see him just stop, look down, and then ride off track was unusual and a total bummer!

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I don’t think I ever heard about that Dave, that’s unfortunate! There was a Subway Honda too now that I think about it. JT$ rode for them too I believe Lol

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Pastrana and Windham’s SoBe Suzukis were some of my favorite bikes. There was Blimpie Suzuki too, and Boost mobile sponsored Reedy for a while.
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It’s at 1:53:33 if you’re watching NBC Sports. I can’t upload the sequence on Vital tonight for some reason

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I’ve got a Mikuni carb off an ‘05 kx125 laying around the garage. I can’t tell you anything about it since I put a Lectron on the bike shortly after purchasing, but it ran when I bought it. It’s probably dirty but if you want it hit me up

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Very cool, I use KT tape. Hope they “stick” around