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Once you go get Registered Dietician license then you can advise pro athletes. You are right that there is a huge lack of education in the trainers in this sport. Because you used to ride or because you made a guy do a really hard workout, you must know what you’re talking about.
I’ve worked in pro sports, multiple cups and championship rings for 8+ years and have MSc in sport science and I’m trying to help make some difference in motocross. 1 step at a time we can have guys educated and performing at really high levels.

I didn’t disagree significantly with anything Blake said. The one big problem with the beet juice comment in this podcast though is that all the research has proven definitively that it is only effective in non-elite populations. No difference on elite athletes than a placebo. Also klingers reference to L-glutamine it’s a pretty low state of evidence for that. L-glutamine is fine when it’s a part of all the essential amino acids and it can have some relationship to reduced soreness but it’s still limited evidence.

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