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For sure 100% agree, I mean to be honest even if he did call him fat or whatever who cares, I mean let’s call a spade a spade by or racing standards he is fat and to be that upset about it makes it seem like A. He’s being a drama queen or B. There was ... more »

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Everyone seems to think that the ONLY time these people open their mouths and speak is on their podcast.. like nobody speaks outside of that podcast. How can you just assume he never called him fat I mean were you all there every Steve Matthew and JT ... more »

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I am not sure if this has been stated but I’m almost 100% positive this track is Youngstown MX in Youngstown, Ohio. This track is usually pretty awesome and owner has another track named Ohio international Raceway which looks bad ass.. it’s a hike for ... more »


Also millennial at age 36. I learned and passed my drivers test with a stick shift. Patrolled the streets of Baghdad on foot for 15 months at 19 years old. Deployed to Iraq 2 more times after that for 15 months each. Went to school obtained and engineering ... more »

Reply to villopoto is perhaps 2/21/2019 8:11 AM

Watching Villopoto in the lites class was truly a sight to behold I was an instant fanboy from the first time he stepped into the circuit in 2006. I never do the pits or autograph signings but in 2007 I just had to have it. I went to steel city got to ... more »

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If a Rider makes a single mistake a mental lapse in judgment feld will hammer said under paid rider with fines docking points maybe suspension all situational of course.. Feld makes a mistake and your saying "man up, its life" Just because you "manned ... more »

Reply to Do you drive better being a racer? 12/13/2018 8:04 AM

Came here to say this lol.. My line selection on a road that hasn't seen road construction in 20 yrs has greatly benefited due to riding motocross.

Reply to Riders not getting paid for Moto 10 11/8/2018 8:13 AM

because an instagram page is the same thing as a production film with the sole purpose to make money. Makes sense

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You are still wet behind the ears yourself but thanks for the wise advice. I've been lurking this site since supercross.com forums shut down and just created a new account. I will keep that in mind next time I feel the need to call some on their bs.

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Woah bro, you finally learned to copy and paste.. It's magic is it not!

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You are speculating what 2 people think and feel whom you no nothing about and think that is a little brash.. Your thought process is a little brash and ignorant to be quite honest.

Reply to Uh, yeah... Eli, Jessie... about that "Million"... 10/16/2018 3:43 AM

Very good its called Prize Indemnity Insurance.

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So you can get some good roids huh!

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It hurts more when its the truth.. I wished they would have talked more shit we deserve anything and everything they say about us maybe the riders will take it to heart a little more.. Maybe light a fire under some ones ass to do something about getting ... more »

Reply to What did you guys do for Tib/ankle recovery? 9/26/2018 8:37 AM

I had a spiral fracture of the tib/fib and re fractured it after being impatient and jmpng back on the bike way to soon. I'd do calf raises every chance i get and worked out those muscles any way i could. Definitely ensure you're 100% before getting ... more »

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I bought my 14 kx 450 brand new and running pump gas 93 it didn't like to idle at first on cold start first time id fire 2 or 3 kicks and would idle for a few seconds and shut off. Never had any issues with bogging. I moved back home with easy access ... more »