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Seruously, who the fuck cares if he's awesome to hang with?

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Dude we need a vitalmx discount code for you're ospw kits

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If you want to split cases soon again. Buy a hotrods crank.. Also. Is that a 24mx/twenty oil filter? The colour sure looks like that. NEVER use those... 8/10 I removed in customers bikes when I had a shop were showing signs of vacuum/ sucked inwards ... more »

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No, at least one. But I've shipped it with a transport-service guy who specialises in these things. Although, a friend shipped bikes to Spain with DHL. I would do the way we usually do every winter, take the car.

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Mostly this, still got a 125 project bike and this season mountain biking and road bicycle have escalated, roadracing is expensive and need to go to other countries for really really cool tracks, so a few trackdays and biking I guess, voted sportbikes

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Im so pissed i missed the ti-pegs for my 2001. This build is just plain crazy, and I'll read thru it a few more times

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Funny thing, always when I'm in the us I can't stop thinking about how effing bad your button up shirts fit, and I'm no fashionova

Please don't get offended, I love the states, most people are friendly and helpful. But the shirts are horrendous... more »
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Ill measure my cr expansion pipe hanger and you Will get a pm! Just need to get home from roadracing vacation in Germany first. Motor looks good!

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We use them in roadracing. All of us almost..

Gps based data acquisition, and depending on model, you can get loads of bike data in them. Tps, temp, brake pressure, suspension etc etc Edit: And this one pictured is the "dl" version so you can ... more »
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"My daddys truck is better than yours"

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I limp alot less and are not complaining about that I'm hurting in my totally fucked up mx-knee.. girlfriend says I walk better also. I have pretty bad pain during the winter months usually. 5%disabled, plate and 6 screws, tib plateau. It works for me, ... more »

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Us and europe (and probably aus also) does use different measure methods (like with everything, who still uses inches

) Europe use RON Us uses RON/MON average, "AKI" Euro 98 is around 93 us. ... more »
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I tried a Spanish qs last winter on a friends FC 450 supermoto (on asphalt only) , he was a test rider but can't remember the name, and he switched brand/team so don't use them no more. I could dig out the name if anyone is interested. Worked good but ... more »

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(Sorry for the offtopic) Cool, maybe we meet one day! I'm racing the catalan open 600 this year (small series) first season racing. Switched from mx last year but I do pretty decent times on my old 600 in contrast to how much time I have ridden. 1.56

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Latvia! . Do you ride or race in spain/Europe?

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Dude. Have you ever raced/trackdayed a superbike? Just an example: Please go out on a track and shortshift while in an corner and use the "clutch trick"

Lets see where you and that front wheel end up. Or go down the starting straight head to ... more »
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I have seen it even on coated lowers, both on Mx and trackday

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I shared box with him 2 days at cartagena after new year training.. He is an extremely humble/ nice dude and for sure rips around the track! Wish him all the best. And he wasn't "that much" slower around cartagena than cortese.