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Reply to Erin Bates 5/7/2011 9:39 PM

I've got 26 Vintage bikes from '68 to '87 and one "modern" bike, a '99 YZ125. I might go to Monster or Highland Park tomorrow. I also want to apologize for my comments about Erin, they were out of place, but I honestly think she is awfully manly looking. ... more »

Reply to Erin Bates 5/7/2011 8:45 PM

Fine with me, I'm not into dudes.

Reply to Freestone National Weekend Vintage Race 5/7/2011 8:27 PM

I'm going for the Vintage race, and I hope to get there early enough Saturday to enter a bike in the Vintage bike show.

Reply to Erin Bates 5/7/2011 8:23 PM

I just moved here from Pensacola, FL last July to work at Kia. Went riding at War Eagle MX today, I am uploading some short helmet cam footage of my slow ass right now.

Reply to Erin Bates 5/7/2011 7:40 PM

That skank has "man hands". I'd do a package check first if I was you.

Reply to Las Vegas SX Practice/Qualifying Discussion 5/7/2011 6:49 PM

Any word on Stroupe?

Reply to Las Vegas SX Practice/Qualifying Discussion 5/7/2011 5:06 PM

Anybody know what happened to Stroupe? He is not listed in the 2nd practice times.

Reply to J-Law confirmed for Nationals 5/7/2011 4:57 PM

Like I said, I've given up on the kid at this point, but I do hope he gets his shit together for his own sake.

Reply to Title hopes for 450 Outdoor is now over for everyone... 5/7/2011 4:55 PM

I accidentally started another topic about this, so I'll repeat what I said there: I was once a fan of the kid, but at this point I have no optimism at all he will follow through with it. I hope for his sake he does, because if the kid ever gets his ... more »

Reply to J-Law confirmed for Nationals 5/7/2011 4:52 PM

Sorry for the duplicate topic, I actually did look for a post about this already before I started posted but I didnt realize the one already started was about this from the title.

Reply to Help ID this KTM tank and seat? 5/5/2011 1:55 PM

Looks like an '82 to me. Seat cover should be blue for '83-'84.

Reply to pro's wearing tech 8's instead of tech 10's? 5/5/2011 1:51 PM

I like my Tech 6s but my next pair will be Sidi or Gaerne SG12s

Reply to Post Your Bike 5/1/2011 8:01 PM

Cool motokid! This bike is a lot of fun, and its got 9" of travel at both ends so its actually not bad on a modern outdoor style track. The only mod I have done to it is the original 35mm forks were bent when I got it so I put some 38mm forks off of ... more »

Reply to So can we remove the * from Dungeys Championship now? 5/1/2011 2:33 PM

And if you want to talk about asterisks, what about the year Tortelli was kicking RCs ass until he got hurt. RC admitted he didnt have anything for him so does the GOAT get an * for that one? I dont think so. Tortelli is under rated IMO, after all, he ... more »

Reply to top riders of fla from 76-81 5/1/2011 1:44 PM

I know of two others. My Cousin, Ernie Phillips, raced from '72-'74 out of Pensacola, he got hurt in late '74 and had to quit. He raced a Maico 450 and a Hodaka Super Rat. In the '74 Florida WinterAM series is was the ONLY rider to beat Don Kudalski. ... more »

Reply to So can we remove the * from Dungeys Championship now? 5/1/2011 12:47 PM

Its not Dungey's fault other people got hurt last year. All you can do is beat everyone that lines up on the gate, thats how racing works and that is exactly what Dungey did, get over it. No, he has not dominated like last year, but he has been right ... more »

Reply to Post Your Bike 5/1/2011 1:24 AM

I cant decide which one of mine to post, so I'll just put the one up I worked on most recently, the 1977 Penton (KTM) 400. This is basically the same bike Gennady Moiseev won the '77 World 250 MX Championship with.

It is surprisingly fast for ... more »
Reply to MA800 on the 450 4/28/2011 12:36 PM

Yes, he can. If he believes in the bike, and has confidence in himself, he can run with anyone outdoors. He looks comfortable on the 450, I hope he does well, Shorty too.

Reply to Best looking riding gear ever... 4/23/2011 9:51 AM

Bailey's '86 dayglow orange is #1 by a long shot and I was never even a big fan of JT. That stuff just looked right.

Reply to Vintage Days at Mid-Ohio - has anyone attended or raced it? 4/23/2011 9:45 AM

The "event" is incredible, the MX track sucks. The swap meet is probably the best in the country. The MX track is probably the worst in the country even among vintage events. Its on the site of a former drive-in movie theater, its full of gravel and ... more »