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James Stewart, crashed in first turn, 125 national, carved though 39 guys like butter. One of the Sickest things I have ever witnessed.

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Way to go James! class act all the way.

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its human nature, they want you to think Exactly as they do, have the same religion, the same politics. the same fave rider, love the same 2 or 4 stroke as they do, etc etc or they turn ugly. It should be called HaterMX...get out before you get addicted! ... more »

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How does one conceive .056th of a second difference in track distance? you know like they say, he has a bike lengths lead...what would this be? he beat him buy a c@#t hair?

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yeah I agree with your point about Travis, Ive seen his dad, so I am pretty sure he was simply born that way.

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that crazy P, a bad white neighborhood

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Have to disagree with Zack, at Roczen's age, no such thing as too many races....His SX experience will boost his early race intensity and sprint speed. He will come into the GP's in race "shape" meaning he will already be used to race pace right from ... more »

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oh man that is funny. will go over great with the ladies when you haul home a fluorescent chair that matches your ride! What do you mean you don't like my fluorescent green throne?

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Wow a 100,000 fans for a collage football game! Amazing!

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An interested concept, at least to me, is that many depressed people do things or have addictions to get a buzz or high to keep the depression at bay. It makes me think of Travis, although he does seem happy as hell, but than he is relentless in his

... more »
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Hmmm, that is too bad, as they would not be in the neighborhood, but at the Stadium, which could be secured? Fenced off parking and pits with some extra security. Unless its really even too dangerous to travel through the neighborhood to get into the ... more »

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Wow, This looks like the dream set-up to me! Like a Motor home but with section for 8 bikes and tools, gear etc in the back. Plus with all the bike room you could take a few buddies to help pay for gas.

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Does anyone know why they don't use it as an SX venue anymore? Its such a shame, not just the section up the stands but the huge floor space that allows for some higher speed sections. Like Vegas, with the high speed single jump and some flat track action. ... more »

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Yeah I remember the coliseum race, they went around some pillars at the top and came back down, was awesome. They had the same design for some other sanctioned race, and Larry Brooks and Craig were going for the win, and LB clipped the pillar on the ... more »

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at the very top of the open bowl stadiums they should build a platform encircling the whole stadium. Ride up the stands, do a lap around the whoop infested oval and come back down! And No Guard rail, you swap, you drop!!!

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It will be interesting to see what the effects of modern day pro racing has on these guys when they hit 45 or so. We know about football, hopefully these kids won't suffer as many of the football players have. Mind you, the majority are lineman, regardless ... more »

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Stewart and his 5 AMA titles

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um, nothing more? only 5 AMA champions is much much more than nothing dude! An undefeated season, most 125 national wins all time, 3rd all time SX wins...and counting... Why does everyone ignore this? I guess these accomplishments seem like nothing if ... more »

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Oy that is so awful...this is just what we can see, I am sure they are cars with their inhabitants completely buried under that muddy slop.

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JMHO...but this doesn't seem very exciting....1 was a ground breaker, 2 was the bomb at the X-games...but now 3, 4... I think at this point the downside far out ways the upside. Judging by the photo of the ramp the margin of error appears to be zero, ... more »