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I believe that is your power valve breather. It just hangs down in front of the Power Valve ( maybe wraps under the frame), and drains out oil if there is too much in the power valve assembly.

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The apex head changes the characteristics of this motor. Much less of a "light switch" when it hits the powerband, broadens the hit (more then the FWW) and has more overrev and pulls out of corners better, closer to a 4 stroke feel if that makes sense, ... more »

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I bought both the MX and XC. Tried both, really like the MX for all around riding (desert, track, trail) just does everything better then stock, has more power and the hit is broadened, bike is easier to ride. But If I was doing more technical trails, ... more »

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Nice! Love the FWW, I notice the bike has much more traction in slippery corners, and I do not notice any loss of power. Just tames hit a little bit, spreads it out a bit more. APEX head is the ticket on these bikes thou...

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Just sold my Honda 450, and got a 14 YZ250. I wish I would of done that years ago.... Added an APEX head, 9oz flywheel weight, and Vforce reeds. So much easier to ride then the 450 just about everywhere, and I can ride more without feeling fatigued. ... more »

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We own a 2018. It comes very rich new. I dropped the main jet down 1 to 2 sizes (can't remember) and dropped the needle i believe 1 clip. Also we do not use Yamaha 2stoke oil, maxima k2 seems to burn cleaner in this bike. We run 36/1 at the track, and ... more »

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Ah ok, that makes sense. Thank you!

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Bring a monster can for 1 free entry into the pits. This should be for every round, was that case in SD.

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Question for NGPC series, district 37 for SoCal riders here. My boys and I are looking at racing our first GP race at Glen Helen at the end of the month. When are practice times open for these events? They are not listed on any schedule. Do we need to ... more »

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I’m all for a good block pass and good racing, but if you take someone out with your pass and you crash as well.... I think a penalty should be inline. Dylan could of waited 2-3 more corners and easily of gotten around Craig. He was faster last nite. ... more »

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Bullshit! Working on those damn 50SX clutches is every moto dads right of passage! How dare KTM takes that away from the masses and makes it easy on everyone! I sold my sons 50sx years ago and I still have PTSD of those clutches.... Owning a YZ65 is ... more »

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I've owned a 2010 and 2013, stock clutch designs are junk for both bikes (but the 2013 is marginally better then the 2010, easier to adjust on the fly. The 2017 is the same clutch as the 2013) Stock KTM parts are $$$, you have to change plates parts ... more »

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Yes, if your getting a 50 and racing offroad, get the IRC or the dominator clutch with either 50 you get, any year. Trust me, it will save you money, garage time,etc. And KTM stock parts are $$$$ You guys can just ride, and not ... more »

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Edit: Get the 2017, much better clutch design. Pre 2013 were complete nitemares unless you get an aftermarket clutch. Or get a 65 and lower it for his size. You can lower them and tune them down the power until he is comfortable on it. And the sooner ... more »

Started new thread Press day from Pala on Fox News 5/24/2019 8:55 AM Wow, can anyone tell who that was? Hope he is OK.

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During your week here if it rains at all (because it does rain in SoCal sometimes in Jan) plan on spending sometime at Cahuilla, its epic a day after the rain. Especially the back natural trails. Not to be missed. Fox is a mess 2 days after a rain, sometimes ... more »

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I bet Honda doesn't resign Cole, I can see Savatgy going there

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I'm current sitting at 3441 place, you really don't want my picks because apparently I'm cursed. Moving on to outdoors!

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I do both sports, as well as most people I ride with or know. I think its great. Just about every top name guy of this sport trains on one. MTB'ing does not have a great podcast, its good to hear it on Pulp.

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Amago is not closed, it’s just not very