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Sorry I just can't get on board with this....after spending $10k on a brand new released bike from one of the premier manufacturers, the average joe should NOT need an ECU remap to get rid of the gurgle. This seems like a rather large oversight for Honda. ... more »

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I've done this a time or two myself. Gas can caps as well; they sit so nice right on that darned footpeg but I forget every time.

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433 is the first number I was assigned in a race (GNCC - Big Buck ~2016. So I ran 433 on my first bike 511 came on my second bike from the previous owner 314 (Grant Baylor) was on my CR500 currently, no numbers on the FC350

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Here's the full video: Pray for the Wildcats

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The wettest, muddiest, damn good weekend.

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I just moved here about 2 months ago and have ridden Rampart, Thunder Valley, IMI - but I'd like to find a crew to join if at all possible. It's a little intimidating going out on your own. I'm a mid pack C (GNCC) rider on a FC350. Not into the super ... more »

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Windrock Off Road is going to be similar to the rocky terrain you were used to in CO. I've ridden there many times, lots of SxS's but they mark the trails pretty well and the terrain is endless. Pro tips: Bring extra tear offs, and run a mousse tube ... more »

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*Crowd Laughs* Director: Annnddd... CUT. END SCENE. Great work everybody. Take 5.

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It was debuted on ESPN2 on Sunday, then again on Monday or Tuesday, but I missed both and haven't been able to find an online version. Anyone know if they'll be showing it again?

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Moving to the Greater Denver area. Was wondering where the good riding is so I can try to plan the move accordingly? Tracks and Trails please.

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Good idea, he may have already, but I'll be sure to suggest that.

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Stolen from my buddy's barn in Columbia, SC. He believes it was a disgruntled former employee who absconded with the bike. A police report has been filed. If you happen to see a CRF250 similar to this one, be weary. A tell tale sign is that the back

... more »

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Gotta say, while a full set from Faster is tempting, I just don't know if I could pull the trigger on $1200 wheels. What's the scoop on the $675 set? Lower grade materials? Heavier?

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I'm in the market for a new 21" front wheel after damaging mine this past weekend. The hoop is busted, 2 spokes are blown. Hub appears fine at the moment. The simple answer is to go with an OEM hoop, but reuse spokes (+2), and hub. However, there's plenty ... more »

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Several of those pics are poster-worthy.....

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THIS is incredible. Good on you RMATV. I'll continue to order anything and everything I need from them.

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What are the nuisance items, maintenance tasks, etc that are the most annoying to you? Mine are buying tear offs, changing lenses, and straightening out the forks after they get twisted.

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x2. The whole facility was beautiful....It's a shame we couldn't hardly see the race. Elevated track, tall berms, big jumps, banners, tents..etc.

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Sorry Updated address: 2350 E North St. Greenville SC 29607