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Ping- Wow, another home run. Arnold and RJ together were magic! Every time I think I've heard the best episode yet you up the game. I'm 64 so I really like the 70's and 80's stuff but I've learned so much listening the newer guys as well. Thanks for ... more »

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1980 Husqvarna 390 OR
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"The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated" Mark Twain

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Same here. What made it worse is after the Gov etc spoke for 15 minutes the talking heads had to come on and tell us everything he just said.

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That was awesome! I remember going to the USGP at Unadilla in 1978, the grass was knee high during practice. Now it's just another slot car track. How anyone thinks modern rut-o-cross is better than this is beyond me. Now get off my lawn!

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74 Montesa Cota 247-unrestored and mostly original

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Bummer but I'm not surprised. As of now AHRMA has said all of their events are still a go subject to local regulations so we'll see what happens. I've raced this event a few times and it is always an excellent time. According to an interview he did on ... more »

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This needs to happen. Can you imagine what 22 multi cylinder two-stroke F1 cars screaming into the tunnel at Monaco sounds like? Beautiful music!

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Already listed but McQueen and Lackey get my vote with RJ getting an honorable mention

... more »
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Agree. I used a Jofa and duckbill in the early 70's and still have my own front teeth

. I did switch to the John Banks facemask when they came out though, mostly because I thought they looked badass. BTW - A duckbill didn't seem to slow Hannah ... more »
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Here's how they got around it in F-1. Benson and Hedges used same logo and graphic layout only with 'Buzzin Hornets' instead of 'Benson & Hedges' BTW- Trampas still rips! You should see him in the 100cc challenge ( and other classes) at Diamond Dons

... more »
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Update. So I ordered the A/C part # GF453 from Amazon and it was not the correct filter. It was huge and would not work on a dirt bike of any type (would make a good reserve tank for enduro riders though

). Either the number was wrong or A/C ... more »
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The title Ake lost due to the plug unthreading was 71. Last GP of the year in Holland. He came in with a slim lead and lost his plug in the first moto. Won the second moto but it was too little too late. I didn’t know about Willi Bauer getting paralyzed ... more »

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Maico’s Ake Jonsson had the talent. He was a loose spark plug away from beating Roger D for a 500 world championship.

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Full Bore boots Carerra 98’s Hallman flip up visors Molly Blue chain lube Uni filter dust masks Foam donuts to keep your gas cap from leaking over your goatskin leathers Dodge Tradesman vans .....Damn I miss the 70’s!

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Agree 100% on the coffin tank look. I'd have both of those bikes out at a practice day at a local track and modern bike guys would walk right past the 78 and ask me about my 77. It just has more of that old world euro cobbiness to it. I've never ridden ... more »

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I've had both models of 400 (plus a 76). They are pretty similar sharing most engine internals. The 78/79 has slimmer cases, came stock with electronic ignition and has the cs sprocket in closer proximity to the swingarm pivot eliminating chain tensioner

... more »
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I had a good buddy in my car racing days who used to justify his race car spending to his wife by saying " I'm not really buying the whole car, just the depreciation". If you look at it that way the VMX thing doesn't seem nearly as fiscally irresponsible. ... more »