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Reply to Vegas 2003 Practice footage (Reed, RC, Bubba) 12/17/2020 12:51 PM

Took whole session for them to jump the little triple out of the left hander. Would’ve happened first lap nowadays. Love how it was back then.

Reply to I'm just gonna leave this here... 12/17/2020 12:49 PM

How many people driving by said look at that pussy. If they only knew..........I think it’s funny and kudos for not taking himself too serious.

Reply to HE AIN'T NORMAL 7/25/2020 11:51 AM

Thanks for posting this! You don’t see a whole lot of him riding in the woods. I like that a lot more than the man made obstacles or course. Pure sickness. Love him going up the small river in the beginning. Pure traction. Makes it look too easy.

Reply to Congratulations Cairoli's 4/10/2019 3:34 PM

Solid thread TMZ

Reply to Soft Dallas track due to no lime? 2/16/2019 6:11 PM

I’m not bitching....I’m just asking if there’s any correlation. Gotta love Vital!!!

Reply to According to Aussie Financial review Chad is still worth AU$36 million 10/25/2018 5:22 PM

Remind me.....why does it matter how much money these guys have in the bank? Zero effs given

Reply to Redbud Virgins...give me your thoughts. 10/11/2018 5:23 PM

Not to be negative, but spectating was terrible. First time to red bud. Yes the track on TV is amazing, but being there as a fan was a bit of a bummer. If you went to certain sections you completely isolated yourself from the rest of the track and had ... more »

Reply to YZ450F 18 problems, already 11/23/2017 1:15 PM

Guys are so helpful here. I mean douche bags.

Reply to Share your best race that you didn't win 7/21/2017 3:54 PM

I was working on my first 200A win (harescramble) back in the day. Leading last lap. Stupid crash, throttle WFO, pulled In the clutch and picked it up and it launched into a 8 foot ravine. That was it for the win.

Reply to RAW: Mammoth Motocross 250/450 Racing 6/27/2017 4:54 PM

Awesome track. Never been there. Could this place facilitate a pro national?

Reply to Which commentator has the bigger hard on? 9/11/2016 1:12 PM

I agree coverage is great. I know Weege would be going nuts if a kid from across the pon was challenging our 3 time champ. That is all. Love the package so far, no commercials is nice.

Reply to Which commentator has the bigger hard on? 9/11/2016 1:00 PM

First GP I've ever watched. During qualifying yesterday, he just wouldn't give Forkner any credit. He's 17 going against the 3-time champ, one of the best in the world and all he has to talk about is the PC engines and Forkners weight advantage.

Reply to MXGP-TV SUCKS...sometimes 9/11/2016 12:42 PM

First time I've used it. Took a little figuring out as far as te site. Flawless so far.

Reply to RCH After Party Budds Creek 8/22/2016 4:47 PM

It was a sheriff that showed up. Threatened him with DUI. We were kicked out right behind stank at RCH. We just went under the tent like we belonged. The crew was having a good time!!!stank was a little bent out of shape about being kicked out (even

... more »
Reply to Lending,renting your bike? 7/28/2016 2:14 PM

Even if it's a friend it could still go bad. When I was 18 I rode a buddies brand new KTM 200. Chain snapped and ate up the cases. My bike was broken at the time, but I think you really need to look at the big picture. Do I trust this guy? Will he repair ... more »

Reply to Scott Prospect Goggle 7/27/2016 4:59 PM

Ya these fancy goggles are pimp and all. Good for Scott stepping up to Oakley. But dam who has that kind of money to spend on goggles. I ride in the woods and see goggles as pretty much disposable. I would rather run the cheaper goggles myself and rotate ... more »

Reply to Spoke with my wallet.. sorry for betraying you two stroke taliban 6/1/2016 5:00 PM

I hope you're fast...that bike sure looks it.

Reply to Another Tragedy... 5/12/2016 2:19 PM

Dude was elite in DH....this would be like dungey passing on a MTB

Reply to Austin Forkner 5/12/2016 2:14 PM

Just an opinion. Never seen him ride. I think he will do pretty good for a rookie. I would bet against him challenging j-mart. He could have Moto wins. We will see how he handles the pro pressure. I'm excited for his debut!!!!

Reply to Chain tensile ratings. 5/10/2016 1:04 PM

Back in the day I put a 428 kit on my kx100. I believe sidewinder made it. The 420 was junk.