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Anyone have any suggestions on cleaning/polishing parts? I know elbow grease goes a long way. I have a 05 KX 250 im trying to show some love to (without throwing all new parts at). Any thought on cleaning up triple clamps, hardware, etc. would be appreciated. ... more »

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Even if it's a friend it could still go bad. When I was 18 I rode a buddies brand new KTM 200. Chain snapped and ate up the cases. My bike was broken at the time, but I think you really need to look at the big picture. Do I trust this guy? Will he repair ... more »

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Ya these fancy goggles are pimp and all. Good for Scott stepping up to Oakley. But dam who has that kind of money to spend on goggles. I ride in the woods and see goggles as pretty much disposable. I would rather run the cheaper goggles myself and rotate ... more »

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I hope you're fast...that bike sure looks it.

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Dude was elite in DH....this would be like dungey passing on a MTB

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Just an opinion. Never seen him ride. I think he will do pretty good for a rookie. I would bet against him challenging j-mart. He could have Moto wins. We will see how he handles the pro pressure. I'm excited for his debut!!!!

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Back in the day I put a 428 kit on my kx100. I believe sidewinder made it. The 420 was junk.

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Ya no shit that's corner speed....sorry but faster than any Moto can do. Don't believe? Search David knight vs gee atherton. Some things pedal bikes can just do better. All in the track of course.

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I'm pretty sure if you download the "fox sports go" app, you will be set. It's free, but you have to provide a tv account (find a friend)

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Dam. Lot of work went into that. RV is retired though and what does it tell us? Sorry if I didn't see what you were hoping to achieve. It's dirt bike racing, don't overthink it is my point of view. Hardcore stats tho!!!

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Oh and gotta love DC with the track preview helmet cam!!! Forgot all about that.

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Watching some older Moto on YouTube lately. Amazing how narrow some of the tracks were not that long ago. Glen Helen 2000: RC's first 250 race...epic, what a story, straight pinned. Good time in moto.

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Anyone have any info?

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Man they need to change those up. Looks like the stockies that came on the old XR's.

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KTM 300 without a doubt. Should be a cheater bike it works that well. Depends on your skill/riding areas but that's my suggestion.

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I have always pulled the spark plug and stuffed rope down the hole. Might not be the textbook way but it works

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We'll have our virginia crew tthere!!

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Anyone have any info on the outdoors for TV?

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You definitely came to the wrong place for a pep-talk, knowing this forum. If you need to do it, then do it!!! You know what you need to do, just do it safely! If you succeed, much respect!!!!! Braaaaaaapppp