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I may add a few things regarding the reimbursement from the insurance.
1. The more documentation you can give your insurance the better. Simply sending a prescription may not cut it.
Ask for the doctors notes and make sure in those notes it states the reason why the doctor...more

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Will the 2003 front fender fit a 2001 KX125 with PC clamps? I'd be interested in 2 fenders.

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You wouldn't have an extra PC upper triple clamp? I'm putting together a KX125 (not replica) and would like to find an upper clamp to match lowers. Thank you

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I'm new to this site and hope this is the right place to post. I'm currently rebuilding/freshening a 2001 KX 125. I was lucky to score a PC "Lower" Clamp directly from Pro Circuit. Upper clamps, Lowers, Bar Mounts are backordered and word is they were ... more »

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1984 Honda CR500 Twinshock
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Pics? $$$$

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Do you still have a vented front plate? I've got a 97 KX125 power valve cover.

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Still have the skidplate?

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Nicely done. That bike is sick. I'm beginning an 01 KX125 at the moment. Been in the rabbit hole of scaring up parts, especially the PC ones. Thanks for sharing the details of your build.