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We aren't sure where the bikes are coming in or out, but this is so rad.

There is a clearly visible bike ramp in the center of the steps coming from main front door. Kind of hard to miss!

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Nice!...excited to see Ronnie on the circuit. Good job Brooke & Ronnie and partners for recognizing your fan base, I like the mission and the message. Best wishes for 2020 and beyond!

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That was the most vague and generic interview I've ever heard about something as specific as chassis development. Not one technical thing was mentioned except "yea uhh we have parts"

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Now thats a proper 125 video. DL shreds!

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These are really cool! looking forward to seeing more

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With a newborn at home now, garage time is very limited. So any progress I can get done is a plus right now.

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Finally got somewhere on this build! Its barely an attempt, but it seems like it only takes one piece of the final puzzle to see the rest of the build in my head. Gonna have to do something one off on this build, otherwise it wouldn't be trick, right?

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I explained the "not as many kids riding scenario" to a non moto coworker. His reply was either their head will be buried in the tech or buried in the dirt, it's much easier to make a living in tech and doesn't hurt as bad. I didn't have any rebuttal, but i prefer the tangible.

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Great to hear more programs are adapting to try new formats for support. Now lets see them bikes!!!

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Picked up a 1987 CR125 for $300 off of FB Marketplace. I've always wanted to own a piece of 1980's motocross history and race vintage class. Well, I think she's a good steed to make that happen next year. I am open to suggestions and recommendations

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Great stuff! More techstuff please smile

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BUD Racing/HGS Pipe and Silencer BUD Head BUD Piston Vortex IGN Did this set up on my '06 build and its THEE best setup I've tested between all the popular brands.

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After putting the BBR Springs and going to a 15wt fork oil, I was immediately rewarded for not going thru the KX front end swap. It accomplished the feeling that she/I were looking for. You can open up the air box with te filtered vents to allow more ... more »

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