Tinman left a comment 11/14/2017 6:30 PM

Hello Shane
Any chance that you know anyone with a 38mm carb for a 15 250sx ?
Do you still have any parts left ?

Safford191 left a comment 6/25/2017 9:48 AM

Probably a long shot but if those white or red fox instincts are still for sale, please let me know. 928-322-5377 call or text. Thanks

Added reply in a thread Full face helmet recommendation for 15 month old 12/26/2016 6:02 AM

At fifteen months, a child doesn't have the necessary muscle structure to support the additional weight of a helmet on their head. Kids are bobble heads to begin with due to the disproportionate weight of their head. Adding weight compounds the problem. ... more »

Added reply in a thread The Jinx on HBO 12/22/2016 6:30 PM

It is really good. So is Making a Murderer. Both more than worth the watch.

Added reply in a thread POS thieves at Vegas Yamaha dealership 12/22/2016 6:21 PM

It's been bad. The dealership I work for got hit twice in a week. Once got three bikes. Then came back but the bikes were more secure. I hate thieves.

Added reply in a thread tld/ktm plastic color 12/17/2016 6:20 AM

They used to be painted when that body style first came out and there was no plastic to be had other than stock colors. The paint wouldn't really last long, so I can't see them having stuck with it. As for the color, I don't know if it's OEM or some ... more »

Added reply in a thread Weimer SOL? 12/6/2016 6:05 PM

Nothing to add for questions, but wanted to say you taking the time to post and chat candidly here with us about your situation made me a fan. I hope you can put something acceptable together for next year and wish you all the luck in the world.

Added reply in a thread The end in sight... 12/2/2016 5:20 AM

Fans don't provide the capital up front to field a team. There's a reason why factory efforts started seeking outside sponsorship. It wasn't out of desire as much of need. Race teams don't make money when you look at their expenses. The money involved ... more »

Added reply in a thread James Stewart is not done yet ! 11/20/2016 5:11 AM

But from a sponsorship point of view, how do autographs relate to sales?

Added reply in a thread Medical Facilities/Best Doctors/Surgeons Forum 11/3/2016 10:48 AM

I'll agree with MDMCG. You're asking for a "plan" to be in place, when one already exists. Prehospital providers work on a set of protocols, and part of our decision making is choosing an appropriate facility for the patient. If you think professional ... more »

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I was thinking the same thing you were. People discount Reed as not competitive, but when you look at results he's definitely there. It's funnier when people say Reed is done but someone like Wilson is a better choice. Wilson goes well, but he's no Reed. ... more »

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Not to rain on your sale. But people should know that a custom brace that's not custom to them is not a good idea. The custom part comes from the way it aligns with your leg and the angles in which they are. It also has to do with it's fit to your musculature. ... more »

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Malcolm was racing overseas in what could be his last ride with Geico. And James is still searching for a ride. If they don't show up, the event still goes on. No big conspiracy or anything like that. And somehow I doubt James shows up at A1 "totally ... more »

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One of the biggest off road shops is Manchester Honda/KTM/Husqvarna in Manchester. It's a short ride from Ellington.

Added reply in a thread Deano - No ride? 10/22/2016 7:02 AM

I'm thinking you don't know quite what goes into factory bikes at the US level. I'll openly admit that the Japanese bikes are true "works" bikes. But to say the factory bikes in the US is "basically stock" is quite a stretch. Different motor internals, ... more »

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You're kidding, right? The Suzuki that won the nationals was far from stock. It was a fully supported factory bike.

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Congrats! You've fallen for the trap. Kids are the next trap...

Added reply in a thread I'm Pissed off Malcom doesn't have a ride!!!! 10/21/2016 2:41 PM

This thread will have some comedy gold in it. Can't wait. But on a serious note, the guy did eight races last year by choice. That's a tough season. I don't know how he did it. Maybe he shouldn't have taken the summer off and kept in front of sponsors ... more »

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I didn't watch the whole thing, but it seems to be. It makes it confusing since it says it's for 2016. It even shows him as one of the athletes but not on the entry list. I might not be quite so surprised to see him show up this weekend on something. ... more »

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With battery technology changing, do you think they'll stay at $14,995? I'm thinking the price will be driven down by the market to make it competitive with current offerings. There's also the idea that it wasn't that long ago that people thought $10,000 ... more »