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Hey mate, what was your final jetting setup, i am at sea level in OZ, head 20 thou shaved and porting, so much bottom to mid but signes off just a little too early (mainly my main jet and air) but like to know what you ended up with and what altitude ... more »

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2012 KTM 300sx power

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Check my ride out bro... Aussie mx ripping machine..300sx all the goodies. Rides superbly!

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Ride one of these puppies and make up you own kato 300sx keeps with em all and light on loose tracks, cant chose between 4504t and 3002t though. both good but different bikes to ride....

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Shit dude, did we go to the same school?.?? I love my beast......go straight for the sx, much better setup out of crate... Ktm300sx

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How did you find Jako the owner at freeflight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great track but needs some big kickers. There is a hospital 1 hr away lol

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The real winner is us dudes, having the choice of such bikes. Never had it back when my first 1982 RM50 (what a bike and 2-stroke weapon in its day, until the kx50 i got...haha) race bike was handed over to me. Its fucking awsome to have such choice ... more »

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I got 25 years of racing under my the two stroke motor is my heritage haha. i like 4 bangers a hell of a lot but always owned an updated two stroke. Built this thing for racing and feel right at home on the girl. put 2xteeth on the rear and ... more »

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Yeah, im new to this site.... will get some video of this thing tractoring some dirt up. I have 40 minutes on the meter so far so she is a bit tight. Only finished building her 2 weeks ago..lots of rain and one ride...

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dickhead derpin

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Seriously, all four stroke riders gotta try this bike...if you can hang on!! This is one serious race weapon. I'd know because i have a 450 race bike as well as a 250.

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Hey bro, check my ride out... Im blowing every 450 off, seriously!!! this bike is so good...

KTM 300 sx 2 stroke
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5/26/2012 4:56 AM

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This thing is an absolute 'powerhouse' but very useful and awsome fun for me to ride.....Suspension has bladder kit in shock and Gold Valves in front, all tweaked up...

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