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Thanks! Just sent you PM. Please check if you got it.

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As the maintenance parts are not available anymore from our existing suspension tuners I`m looking to buy 52mm fork maintenance kit - seals, bushings etc. Would be interested in 2 or 3 complete sets with shipping to Europe. Do anyone in US offer them? ... more »

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Have a chance to buy a set for good price and was wondering about sizing. How do their size compare to other brands? I`m on 32 for Seven Zero and Fly Lite Hydrogen. Seven stuff is OK but they could be just a bit more tighter for me. I heard from some ... more »

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Hey Turbo, Dig up this topic. How is the reliabilty of Shift 3lue label gear after longer use? Also how about sizing compared with other brands?

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Did you put the Ohlins inserts in your KTM? How did you like them? Bringing up the topic as I`m looking to do the same and want some opinions.

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Most of professional athletes are doping to some extent. And MX/SX is no exception. If done correctly and on professional program analysis will be clean. Why Armstrong was not cought for so long? Just watch the movie "Icarus" on Netflix. It explains ... more »

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Exactly! When you see how many Honda/Suzuki scooters are in the streets of India and Southern Asia countries you wonder how big of a business are MX bikes for those companies.

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His starts will be a big question mark. Even in MXGP he has mentioned that is his biggest weakness. Now with different bike (frame and fuel?) it might be even bigger of a challange.

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Anybody tried this shock? Is it significant improvement over revalved stock? Tried to look up on internet but there is very limited reviews availible. Planning to have it together with Ohlins cartridge kit for my RMZ250 2014. Ohlins front cartridge kit ... more »

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But what a championship we would have if not Tomac DNF.

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Could it be because Ticketmaster are promoting the event via their communication channels? I guess they have a large number of email subscribers to whom they send newsletters about the event.

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Hey, After piston change I need to refill oil to keep on limit. I guess it is ~30-50ml after 1h. Bike has 2h after its first piston change at 40 hours. Suzuki RMZ250 2014 Friend said it is normal after new piston. Whats your experience?

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If you are not racing highest level just buy the bike you can get better deal or have best spare part price and availability in your region. I used to own 12 kx250f after I bought 14 rmz250. Both are good bikes, Chose RMZ only because I got good deal. ... more »

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I have been once in 2014. It was incredible. We came just after MXoN in Latvia and I need to say I enjoyed it more. We are going this year again 7 or 9 people and it is worth the 9000 km trip. Can`t wait...