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New thread 2000 cr 125 power valves help 3/2/2019 9:51 AM

I need the entire pv setup for a 00 cr125. I cant find anything on fleebay or in any online store. I habe found a 01cr125 cylinder with a complete pv setup. Would that be able to work on a 00 engine? (Entire 01 pv setup in 00 or even the entire cylinder). ... more »

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New thread Bouncy shock after rebuild help 1/12/2019 5:40 AM

Any folks do their own shock work? Ran into an issue. I rebuilt a shock and its bouncy as hell(was bouncy prior to servicing,however then it had almost no oil or air in the bladder). Shock head was replaced. Piston band looks good. Adjusters were cleaned. ... more »

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New thread 01 rm 125 front brake line 8/25/2018 7:43 PM

Can anyone measure the lenght of their standard 01 rm125 front brake line for me? Cant seem to find the lenght anywhere. Only finding 51" which looks to be the cr style length. Help.please. thanks

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New thread 1992 Rm125 my first love 8/23/2018 7:14 AM

My first bike was a 1992 Rm125N. Bike was in decent condition when I initially bought it, I tried my best as what a 16yr old with no fixed/disposable income could have maintained such a machine. In 2005 I bought a 2005 Rm 125 and was completely blown

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