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Awesome. I’ve done that before too (remove casting marks). I used a right angle air grinder with a scotch-brite type of attachment. Lots of work. This is going to be good -

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You should be...again - way to think outside the box. Love it. Heating up the welds to give it that raw look is awesome. I may totally copy that!

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Tell us about the frame - did you have it bead-blasted then powder-coated in a clear? Looks outstanding, and unique.

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When I lived in Vegas I was buddies with Chuck and rode with him quite a bit - he bragged about his brother Ron often. Ron was visiting Chuck and we all went up north to ride Cold Creek for the day - several of us. Good dude - great rider. Surprising ... more »

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2006  YZ200sx
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2006  YZ200sx

Yeah we want WAY more detail on this. The KTM200 is the most-fun bike I've ever owned - this has to be a blast to ride. Holy crap.

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I don't even know if thats the problem (oval VS round) - I've worn almost all of them (Shoei, Arai, Bell, M2R, Troy Lee Air), and this one fits unlike any other, ever and not in a good way. As Team Green suggested, try them on....but I can tell you, ... more »

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I thought it was great as well - 'listened to both parts end-to-end. i've met Broc a few times when I was an industry-bro and he was always incredibly nice. I liked his input about the des Nations and think he would be a great (and fairly unbiased) manager ... more »

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These kinds of posts always bug me - you'll just get a million suggestions of whatever helmet the other members use and most will ignore your direct question. You asked about the Bell Moto 9. i have it and this is THE first Bell helmet that fits me really ... more »

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Some great advice here, especially #3. and 5. and.... Dig around on Instagram - there are surprisingly a lot of good helmet painters in business; many of them mentioned here as well. Helmet painting is incredibly tedious and finite - I've painted for ... more »

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Can’t get enough of these podcasts GuyB. Tony has proven to be a great person to interview as well - he has come full circle, owns his mistakes but justifies them in my opinion. A good one, but like you said, could have been longer.

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1991 KX125; I grew up racing off-road - I remember this race pretty well; huge sand hills. Custom-painted Bell Moto 4 as well.
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I love it. Each event is covered really well and easily accessible to watch online with great coverage. I can't get enough of Erzberg. Get more rounds and more guys participating and it will be even better. I watched this a lot more attentively than ... more »

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I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make but did not read much of this post to begin with. Again, doesn’t matter to me and I’m not arguing at all. Good luck with your product copy.

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Choose your words carefully. G2 does not mis-represent their products and are incredibly stand-up guys that would not try to do what you're doing by misleading or talk-down in regards to competitors. They're good dudes who built a product they originated ... more »

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Check out They are friends of mine - full disclosure - but die-hard enthusiasts just like us that developed quick-turn throttles which in-turn came from their original idea of cam systems for throttle tubes. Great product and they'll be happy ... more »

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i'm a mega-compulsive neat-freak and always get heckled by my friends about how clean my stuff is. A lot of good stuff has already been said - I'm surprised how compulsive a lot of others are too - good to see. The only thing I can add is a good one:

... more »
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Bummer; I liked Dragon and wear them as well.

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I've heard people (usually bike shops with a little bit of moto background) say this in a defense, but I don't agree at all. Production is production - those $8/$9/$10,000 *bicycles* are still just production packages. The suspension is still just what ... more »