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Good job! Thanks for the video. Also, thanks for interviewing Darian Sanayei. Good luck to him!

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Great piece GuyB- I like the Friese input. These vids need more recognition.

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from deluxeman: "Number 1, you have to have sales history to be able to stock the correct inventory. If nobody is buying it you shouldn’t be stocking it. that being said you must log any lost sales to build adequate history. If someone asks for a part ... more »

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Are a couple of you guys wanting the Michelin 80,000 mile warranty on a race spec MX racing tire??

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I am 114 ahead of dead middle. NOT GOOD.

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You have been huffing paint thinner again, haven't you?

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Wait four or five months for a 2021.

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I say Sexton wins. McElrath 2nd, then a little gap to 3rd

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push... why chance it I usually take two bikes. I have one ramp for me, and one for a bike. There are chains to keep the ramps from sliding, but I have been too dumb to use them...have not had them slide yet. They have rubber tip covers. Ox-Lite ramps ... more »

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Nice Sherco!!

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VitalMX is all about making money, not spending money. A search function does not make them a penny. If it exists on VitalMX, it makes them money. If it doesn't exist or got deleted, then it hurts them making money. This is a business, not a place for ... more »

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I have an 8' 1" bed, so I put the YZ250 straight in on the left and the KX250 straight in on the right. After I close the tailgate, I put some stuff behind the rear tires to take up the empty space.

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I have seen it very briefly. I wonder is people on VitalBMX have a "why is it yellow" thread.

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He did it once. He can do it again. Have fun out there, Josh hill.

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Oh, the kiddies won't like being told that. You're not a softie like so many today. People cheering Roczen riding or red mowhawk, XENOPHOBIA! Welcome to VitalMSNBC and the importance of keywords to latch onto.

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Yep, not the first time.

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For those worried about the booing:

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Every other one of you Brits having a *&%$ed up grill is NOT capitalism. And no, unlike you, I don't go on and start shi&. Your turn.

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You might want to list your year of YZ250 and the exact part numbers of what you bought Some pictures would help, too. You didn't buy it from Technical Touch. You bought it off eBay to save a bit of money and got burned by the seller. Sorry that you ... more »

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I don't have full range of motion. Washing my hands forcefully with bar soap will make me wince. I'll never be the same. Take your time. You may live a long time. You will always be as good as you can recover.