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His looked a bit faded, so I thought it may have been from the late 90's when those were popular.

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Well, heck yeah! Awesome job!

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Fabio is the KING! He had over 300 bikes at one point! If they had a TV show called: HOARDERS: AWESOME AS FUCK!, he would be in the first episode!

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Anyone remember those barbed wire / tribal tattoos around the bicep? I saw a guy at the '07 MXoN or '08 Budd's Creek National that had a yellow and blue motorcycle chain around his bicep. That was a cool take on it.

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M-S-R?? That's not how TUSK is spelled!

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Wait a minute, OP. I just realized something... You opened up a Men's Journal... You read through it... You posted to Vital MX about a photo that you found interesting. OMG. Seek help.

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Will Ricky have to pull over and wait once or twice for Townley to catch up on this staged demo "race"?

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Nobody burned down your she shed, Cherryl.

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I have a pair of O Frame, Mayhem and Airbrake. Airbrake is great! I got them on a closeout for an ugly TLD style. Field of view improvement is very nice. Like others, I keep one or two tearoffs on there to protect the lens.

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Blake Wharton landed on and broke his arm in Moto X Games, if I remember correctly. That might have set him back some.

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After the shitty video quality of MXoN, I hope they are trying to raise money to buy some new cameras / train the operators / etc.

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Check it three times and you will be much lower. One should not check the pressure in a shock. One should inflate it to a certain pressure. Shock bladders hold a TINY amount of volume. It's not a car tire that one can check, check and recheck with very ... more ยป

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Thank you for all your work!

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DANG!! The shrinking MX off-road market needed one more cheaply made, slightly different colored, slightly different style goggle cranked out from the same place.

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Man, that looks great! Thanks for the review.

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That's right! This guy is spot on. It takes more than money.

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Saying Blair is next to Weege is like saying Andromeda is close to the Milky Way.