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Loose chin strap

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R E N E N Made in the USA by a legend. Your welcome.

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Tyler Evans.

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Say goodbye to all that pussy you had with those mint ass 2 strokes.

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Hey hey settle down... he's got boots on. (edit)..... one boot. lol.

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Just scoping pics and noticed in back-to-back photos, riders using their middle finger on the clutch. Just got me wondering if anyone uses any other finger or combo?

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Someone with a 3D printer could make some quick cash with this one.

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Would it be unrealistic to suggest rainbow and milestone collaborate in a game??

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Wish they could "Merge" all the names into one simple team name. Either way congrats to Amart.

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The xbox and bong is classic heal up routine.

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Dammmm Vicki was sending it!

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Just placed an order from Rivalink last week. As everyone said the shipping from Aus is totally f'ed at the moment but Im in no rush and have enjoyed working with them so far. Very bright knowledgable staff and some of the best designs in my opinion. ... more »

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Sorry for your loss. That was hard to read and not to get choked up. My mind seems to always battle with the sport. It captivates me and destroys me all at the same time. What an incredible feeling of life it can give you and what a cruel bitch it can ... more »

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I would for sure pay $75 but I’d be embarrassed at setting up my 16 year old bikes blown out suspension haha.

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I saw him at LA Coliseum and I remember him being the only one who was jumping these braking bumps and I was hyped. Immediate fan and then learned about copperland.. legend.

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Haha didn’t want to animate wheels and suspension on a bike