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they are going after evaporative emissions now. That means raw fresh fuel that evaporates into the atmosphere. They want closed loop fuel injection with evaporative controls as much as possible, (This is why they are going after your gas cans, for evaporative ... more »

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I have a bunch of 2008 Millville. These were from the Helicopter ride, except for the Stewart picture.

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... more »
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Kyle, I would try everything you can as affordable as you can before surgery. I’m an ex triathlete who was once a desert racer then got back into dirt bikes at 46 years old. I started to have a back issue. MRI showed bulged disc between L4 and L5. The ... more »

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I think there is an on/off coming out of the turn which could be a faster exit once you get to the end of the section. But usually the guys stay inside. We'll see what they do.

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It was pretty sweet. They have their wives/significant others with them. The front is a huge passenger compartment like a mini RV completely sealed off from the back garage area. So they can all drive and hangout together without seeing or smelling the ... more »

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Thanks guys. I’ve been helping Michael and his fellow riders for 5 years now. If you’ve ever met him he is as down to earth and solid as you can get. Servicing and/or repairing his vehicle doesn’t really cost me that much but to Michael and his fellow ... more »

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I've been servicing Michael Akaydin's and Bubba Pauli's coast to coast van when they come to San Diego to help support them. These guys are two of the best! Give them a special shout out and cheer if you attend a Supercross ... more »

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Thank you, lumpy. that’s good news.

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Who went down on the triple in the first heat race? I help support Michael and I’m hoping it wasn’t him. Anyone have any information?

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Parked next to TeamGreen at Pala MX today. Really good dude. My first ride back after “retiring” a year and a half ago and was like “how do I do this again?” He was very encouraging and supportive. He did 5 or 6 motos and on the last one he was out there ... more »

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No they are not. But Herlings reminds me of an America I used to know. He came over to kick our butt. Then kicked our butt. Then told us he had the balls to come over and kick our butt. Dang.

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I was at the race and watched carefully to see if Dungey would congratulate Musquin. Musquin went out on his "I won" lap and Dungey was the only rider who went out on the track to go congratulate him. Dungey rode through both set of whoops and tried ... more »

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Ralph's job is to lead the broadcast into homes across America. It is not only us riders/racers that are watching, it is wives, children, friends of people that ride, etc. Ralph understands this and has to make sure what is communicated is not going ... more »

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D'Cor has been around a few years now. They are the "graphics" that ONE once was. Danny has done a great job picking up the slack. I am a little surprised I haven't read more about D'Cor on this forum. They have the team grapics for Monster Energy Kawasaki, ... more »

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UpTite has accurate information. Listen closely to what he is telling you. He can't help it if things change, look at the Jmart deal. UpTite is telling you stuff behind the scenes as it is happening....

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In Dungey's post race interview on the main page, he refers to how hard the dirt is at Glen Helen and how he found out in practice. My buddy was flagging the section on the turn after the triple step up, so I went to say hi to him. This was where they ... more »

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I bumped into Bisceglia at a gas station in Wildomar last year. He seemed like a pretty laid back normal dude. I was bummed to see he didn't have a factory ride this year. Hope he does great on the Suzuki for Yoshimura!

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I purchased a 6D helmet two months ago but was injured and hadn't used it yet. I raced out in D38 this weekend and used my new 6D helmet but didnt really think about the helmet as it was my first race back in over a year, so I kinda forgot I was wearing ... more »

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Yes, ONE industries sold. 2 of the original owners are running 100% now, the other has started his own graphics company called D'Cor Visuals. Expect great things from D'Cor Visuals in the near future.