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Never been to either gh or Pala, but from watching on tv, can't really say one was much better than the other. The last national gh had was dusty and slick looking, and they seem to have gotten a little carried,away with huge jumps instead of relying ... more »

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How about the fact that there is not a single 450 sx series champion from the last 10 years racing? And I agree with a previous poster, savatgy not even puting up a challenge to tomac last year to let him win tainted all the hype of the million. I'll ... more »

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I wouldn't think it would be any different than heading into the last round of a 17 round series with a slim points lead. Mabe if ac9 wins the first 2 motos of MEC somebody will ask him if he felt more pressure at Vegas then or now. Dungey could make ... more »

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South of the border,, Windy hill mx near ellerbe, nc Wide open mx is now under new management and open as dreamland mx near raeford, nc. They are on facebook And club mx does have a practice track that is open to the public on select dates. ... more »

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The '83:line up of crs were all awesome bikes that were competitive, reliable, and simple to maintain. The 84 models, in particular, the 250, we're junk. Forks sucked, it ate pistons, and had the first honda power valve. The only good thing it had was ... more »

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The only niche in motorcycling that has seen any growth in recent years is adventure bikes. Harley's attempt at that market is as laughable as their e-bike.

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A big change in gate design lately has been that instead of the pipe running through a hole cut in the flat, verticle pieces that run between the angle pieces is that some companies are now making that a U shaped cut out, and then lining it on the bottom ... more »

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And at one time they were one of the jgr mx team's associate sponsors.

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"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; ... more »

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I why would this get any downvotes? Late Sept is still pretty warm but I would think that would be a deal breaker. I would guess they get leveraged into hosting some more GPS with the mxon being a dangling carrot on a long stick. I doubt that Daytona ... more »

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Anybody that has been to Florida in late July for an outdoor event would probably drive a couple thousand miles to avoid that again.

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I was thinking about billy the other day and wondering what he was up to. He worked at fun cycles near hickory, nc for several years about the time he stopped racing. He is a down to earth guy that you would never guess had come so close to being the ... more »

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Considering that some of the teams won't even send their riders I am not sure they are going to feel a lot of pressure to put a two stroke mx bike back in production for a one off race. Requiring a two stroke team member would more likely pound another ... more »

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Holy crap, If this is any preview the off season is going to be the silliest, and longest ever. Along with facial symmetry we can look forward to lengthy debates on riders preferences boxer vs briefs vs commando, I miss 2st vs 4st and seat bounce debates ... more »

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Not a good idea unless there is a locked gate and you know there is no way somebody else can get on the track. I know of at least 3 incidents where riders were going opposite ways. One, the guys got lucky, One, ended in a lawsuit, And one, had a tragic ... more »

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I don't think tracks are lining up to get nationals like they once were. That is not a comment on mx sports. That is the reality of a business where expenses have grown while attendance and sponsorship have not. Tracks have to work their schedules out ... more »

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Translator please.....

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"Believe the BRAAP!"

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I think he won some 250C class races on a 250 smoker, but that was before honda released the 450