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Millions? At the most serious time of that crisis they only ordered 188,000 people to evacuate

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Higgins was from new York state. He ran the maico shop near atlanta, h & h, for years. I believe they switched to ktm in the early 80's.

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I have a 98 that a family member gave me 12 years ago when they inherited a car from their father. It had a salvage title, and had gotten rear ended, and the paint was peeling. It had under 100k miles when I got it. I was driving it to do some work and ... more »

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Probably not that far off. Before atv manufacturers switched over to 4 strokes the majority of serious atv racers used the trx 250, which went out of production in the early 90s. I know one pro rider that ordered a complete motor, part by part from his ... more »

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I lost most of my respect for him when he specifically blamed the Japanese rider for Anderson getting jumped on at the mxon.

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It was a great time to be a motocross fan. Ward, omara, Barnett on 125s Awesome battles in the 250 class with johnson, ward, and many others Bailey and glover battles on the 500s Rookies like lechien winning in the premier sx class.

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I agree. It was bad enough that the factories teams have such a ridiculous advantage with suspension components running into tens of thousands of dollars. Then the 4 stroke revolution happened and maintaining a 250f.engine for multiple rounds just got ... more »

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Is there a specific question in there somewhere, other than the last time you saw a teardown?

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I think mx sports often uses local youth organizations to do program sales at the event. I would suspect that Unadilla has groups they use but couldn't hurt to check.

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40 amps can be harder to find. A lot of auto parts places don't stock them. I can tell you new holland tractor dealers have them, because my tractor blows them all the time.

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The after is certainly a work of art. I just always liked the cafe look. The top bike would be all my 58 year old as would want to ride, the disc brakes look awesome. All I would need to add is a memory foam cushion on the seat. I addition I wouldn't ... more »

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When I saw the title of this thread I wondered if any titans would make an appearance. When I got my license my bike was a dt 175, but my dad had a t500 that I took riding whenever he would let me. I fun bike to ride in stock trim. Those bikes you posted ... more »

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A lot of truth in this article I.stepped away from working in moto almost completely, moved, and completely changed careers. Lost my dad, and am struggling with relationship ... more »

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Must be going by the Mayan calendar which has this as the beginning of april

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Any of you guys close to NE TN l, I have a couple of 5' tillers I am probably going to sell. We switched the footing in two of our horse arenas to sand and chat (crushed rock) and haven't used them in a couple years. One is working with decent tines, ... more »

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Keeping a good thought for a quick and full recovery

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Get a cdl. Subject to a drug test at any time at any weigh station or by a motor vehicle enforcement officer. Alcohol? You are only allowed 1/2 the blood alcohol level of other drivers, even if you are off duty and driving a personal vehicle. In tn .04 ... more »

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Only in Australia could you have "beach drags" with corners. Wonder what the top speed was for the winner on that back straight on the wet sand? Those are some impressive conversions. Very clean work. The only rigged thing I see is a crease in the air ... more »

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Let me see if I understand this correctly...... A vital mx member is recommending adding a new class at motocross events? Bizzaro world