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Such an awesome time in moto. Can you imagine the riders now riding a beat out blue grove pit like carlsbad? Lechien, damn, at 4:30 on a works 500.... can you imagine him on a 450 in his prime. Bailey and glover was such a great rivalry. Both classy ... more »

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Wow, Some of you missed the question. (Not atk). It wasn't about a title, it was about an EVENT winner. Atk pilot is correct. In 85 supercross ran a 2 ten lap main event format. If memory serves correctly, mark barnett won atlanta with a pair of seconds ... more »

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Oh look everybody, a history buff. Put down the history book and watch some classic American cinema. Until you get to watch "animal house" maybe you can spend 3 minutes and Google the history of "humor".

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they had those Nets in Arenacross races after somebody (thinking it was jeff gibson) launched a bike in the upper stands about 15 years ago.

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Perhaps the world has tilted enough that mookie was selected by the marketing department at jgr. They know the exposure that the announcement would get in facebook/instagram/snapchat etc., and can show those numbers through whatever tracking is used ... more »

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I suspect one of the reasons for the new format without the semis is to allow more time for track work. Couldn't really tell it as much for a1 but it will make a difference at future rounds with a messy move in or rain the day of the event. Perhaps it ... more »

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I know there is someone now at the ama headquarters that got caught trying to pass off a honda with all white plastic as a Yamaha back in the 90's.

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I thought Matt b and Hanny were the ones that were going to fill in if jgr needed anybody.

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I may catch flack for this but I believe that supercross might be better packaged as a 1 hour highlight show for repeats. Statistics that would be interesting would be how many are dvring the live show and ffING through all the fluff. With the new format ... more »

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All the riders from 50cc to schoolboy classes have a confused look on their faces as they ask the closest adult , " what is a,cassette?"

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Like I said, memory isn't what it used to be. Just remembered reading an interview with him where I could swear he crashed and broke his leg because his pants kept falling down. Hard to believe even the sugar bear would put in that much effort at a local ... more »

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X2 I bought it because I could never get a good start and hoped it would help. Did help me not be so tense, but that might have also just been more experience racing. Lent it to an up and coming pro rider and he never returned it.

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Might need some help with my memory. Maybe Bobby and some of you other old timers can help. Fighting for the title in the last round of a mx series. Might have been the battle of new orleans, but not absolutely sure. Memory ain't what it used to be. ... more »

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As brand ambassador his first order of business will be suggesting that yamaha changes to green. Problem solved..... You ARE welcome

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From your title I thought they had filed bankruptcy

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He might have come on here and read multiple posts stating he needs to train and get in better shape than the fadaholic we saw last year, realized they are correct, and said "nah".

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Hoping for the best for donnie.

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Haha 4' wide ramp and she does that I hope the bike is ok

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Going with this one. Not sure he has the laser focus of riders like rc, rv, and rd. An example would be the stupidity that got him dqed last year. I just can't picture any of those 3 legends doing something like that once they got to the 450 class. Also ... more »