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Plus they were out of pizza by the 250 heats!

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Was packed in the club level and below. Looked pretty full up top too.

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Exactly. This weekend, Monster Jam runs four events this weekend in four different cities. The weekend after - six events in six cities: Worcester, Massachusetts Oakland, California Cleveland, Ohio Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Minneapolis, Minnesota Miami, ... more »

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I swear i saw JS7 suspension and thought I had missed something

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Nice touch, they should do this more often.

And it’s totally a Mookie track, super short with two gnarly sections of whoops.

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Not sure what's the big deal and why admins here are so down on it as "non-professional". Gear offers no more protection than what he wore, and I really do appreciate his statement on the state of non-factory riders who make up the field. I'm still shocked

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Awesome story! And ridiculous: Dude is going to college, rode twice last month, qualified 20th at a frickin national. Hope he gets out to another this year.

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DC you're being a little too nice to everyone involved. It's obvious that AP takes the most blame putting all the riders at risk for directing them to the other side where his bike was. Nick Wey, maybe he did the right thing, but it's completely wrong

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Tithing literally means 10% - bet they can't thank RD enough! Without those other 20 guys there would be no show. I wish one of these rich retirees, now that they don't have to please the bosses, would pay something back and pick up a worthwhile cause ... more »

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not enough to retire.

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This says it all

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The booing was the vote the crowd gave Dungey for the 'cheap shot' comment, Jenny smiled and looked at the crowd after that. It was pure reaction from them. Can't get upset on the crowd about what they thought of that comment - Eli's tactics gave them ... more »

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I'll never forget Bradshaw.

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Thought the thread title was a joke at first, now realize I am old. To me there is Tomac, then there is Eli. Im sure there is nothing that Aldon has on JT. Shows this year.

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^^^^^ I still wonder how spammers find this post so quick and pounce on it. It is a bot thing?

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That's weird how much lower odds they are giving Dungey - I'd take him at 2.75 rather than Tomac at 1.6.

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Noticed how he was upright at the start until the gate dropped, unlike everyone else hunched over the bars, then once the rear hooked up leaned forward and killed the holeshot. Honestly he needs to give a clinic.

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Nice pics, thanks for sharing. Eli still has to live up to the legend that his Dad is to a lot of us. I'm sure that drives him. Met John a few times when they'd come to the World Cup race here starting the early 90s. Serious dude.

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Come on you're killing my theory. Both reasons very true - a little bit of planning mans you don't get stuck at the border though. Wonder if the riders in vans really say why they are coming up here? If they say it's for the race that could be considered ... more »