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I have so many questions about this as I’ve never been to a race like this. What do flangers do when a rider goes down, pop a flare, or are there even flagers? So y’all practice that day or the night before, things look different at night so practice ... more »

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And you just cursed us, shits about to get really weird now.

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Y’all stop being Debbie Downers. If you’re a Moto fan, and you are lucky to have a race this year close to you, then go out and try to support the sport we all enjoy. Yes, if you’re going during a rough patch in life, then don’t go, but last few post ... more »

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I once was in Spain and thought I read a mx mag article that he started out with a decent bmx background. Guy had no filter and hell of a rider. His kawi years were some of his best in my opinion

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RC4, make motocross great again 2021!! But on a serious note, how cool would it be to see a 259 bike also made. Both are hands down the greatest of all time for Mitch.

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You must not be a steer then lol

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They hate because they don’t have his talent nor money. Like James Franco said,” they hate us cause they anus”

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10 years ago I was in the navy and was deployed in Spain at the time. During my stay, this was the first time watching a GP race, and the way he was able to bully his was through the pack to take the race win (I can’t remember what race it was) got me ... more »

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So no more “15 minutes left of this race, why not get on the phone and get a quote”? But for real, Gieco Honda has to be one of the best teams this past decade.

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Once in a blue moon, we virtards actually think of great ideas. Someone contact DC and tell him we actually have a wonderful idea. WW might be so much better this weekend unlike last year when it was 110+

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Bring back Orlando. That 06 or 07 race there where some of the best sx racing I’ve ever been to.

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Not going to read all the post but hasn’t there been times when a rider in the hunt for the championship is a bad start due to a wreck and come back for maybe 15 place finish for points, but gets lapped during the process? Everyone is racing for position ... more »

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Tell her to meet you at your local police/ sheriff station. It’s the best place to meet someone who is selling you something.

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After one race, come on man...

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So the virus will just go away around the whole world or just in America?

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Can we get at least half way through outdoors before we worry about SX? If they were able to complete the 2020 season, why wouldn’t they do a 2021 season. Yes it might be tweaked, the season opener could be Dallas, who know what they might do. But sit ... more »

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Move to florida, race at Dade City. Have a wonderful chance of being pro. The about of pros to come out in the past 30 years is crazy

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Not going to read every reply, but has anyone brought up Team PR? Could they have the beat finish ever, would be funny to me lol. either way I hope each nation is safe, we will be back next year!

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Dumb move by Sexton in my eyes. He put a wheel on colt the lap before, did he think colt wouldn’t respond. Colt doesn’t care if it’s a heat race

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That made me lol, really out loud