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You have to be one of the most ignorant people on here. What do you want, someone with a country accent? “Y’all see dem dirt scooters gone over dam hills, boy they be fast” ( said in a southern accent) And before I get beat up, I’m from the south myself… ... more »

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Stop smoking the bowl, bowl…

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I get the same feeling that they want you to buy the upgrades or it’s going to be a long time to fully upgrade bikes. But hey, it is a free app.

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Eli will be be at next years MXDN on his new Yamaha…

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What the actual F???

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That’s why I got out of the porn industry.

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I eat all that, plus cake, donuts, ect. Don’t be hating on my damn donuts like that! Sorry you choice to live the boring life unlike most people. You’re not you when you’re hungry, go eat a snickers you crabby ass.

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Anderson is out for the weekend. Such a bummer, was on it the second Moro last week.

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How did Honda stay so far ahead of everyone through 08 to now? Yamaha did catch up the last few years.

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I lurk on here all day, mostly just to shake my head at most people’s comments.

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Isk why I laughed so hard at this, stupid is one of the top traits on Vital ... more »
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What class can you run the 112, school boy? Thought super mini class is to 100 cc or am I wrong? Been out of the amateur loop for awhile

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The real question is, do toilets flush backwards in Aussie?

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I love when politics are brought up on Vital...

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Just bring on the outdoors!! I can’t wait and will take whatever schedule is best for everyone.

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Jesus that game has better whip physics than the console games.

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I believe Marvin will be consistent and pull some late season charges to show people he still has it. Barcia, will be spectacular fast first few rounds then back to 5-10 rest of season.

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What a lame video. These are all topics that have started on Vital is the past few weeks. I don’t need a guy telling me the same thing I’ve read on here, give us some juicy facts!

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Not even 24 hours after the end of the season and we are already getting these... What facts to you have or are you just fishing because you’re bored?