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Vince and he's teams goal is to get a podium. Race what's in front of him? 20seconds off 2nd. Why do you think it's unacceptable to defend your position? In road racing you can literally hold people up the whole race defending. If I was in his position ... more »

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He got more points in supercross than his brother did last season and the motoworld won't shut up about him so is 2nd in the championship not good enough for a top 100 number

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The commentary absolutely sucks. They talk more about what happened in the week that whats happing on track. Not even knowing the riders names in the lcq. Saying this is it the pass, when the rider is a second away from the one in front. Telling us the ... more »

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He's was probably pretty gutted that Anderson passed him and left him for dust on his old bike. Imagine seeing the guy that hasn't really done anything notable since 2018 get on your old bike and be the fastest guy 3 weeks running

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He's only a lap down because Barcia put him on the ground. Barcia ruined Bogle's race. That payback was well deserved

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Race what's infront of him? What that 20 second gap. The guy was fighting for a podium and probably gets a fat bonus for a top 3. You people talk like you have never raced. Vince is one of the top 40 supercross rider in the world and has every ride to ... more »

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Why are they showing interviews mid race?

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3am here in England. Let's go Anderson! Bring on Breece Vs 722

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That starter class is putting laps time in very close to the 450s

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I heard it's a pay cut

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raptor titanium, made in my hometown in the uk

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Name more than one of the top America riders that raced in Europe

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Kenny is a 250 world champion. Has Webb won on anything other than a KTM in 450? Kenny left KTM, Da Costa and Baker and join Suzuki and still won. Also didn't take Kenny 2 years to do anything on a 450. If this guy didn't nearly lose his arm I think ... more »

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Who the fuck is Webb I didn't see that guy the while outdoor season

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All these countries and America couldn't even be bothered to turn up. Sucks for you then

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Maybe if they showed the action in the races and passes and have commentators that can actually do the job and don't charge everyone outside the US a one time payment system and have it monthly would be a start. If they stopped dumbing the broadcast ... more »

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His online presents has started becoming more and more lately and was mega surprised when I heard him on pulp. I think he has a few sponsorship deals and is kinda promoting stuff in short Instagram clips. Still no riding videos tho. The MX world is very ... more »

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I think they really need to look at the length of the season in America. Dylan getting put on a IV after winning last week, multiple riders throwing up in there helmets whilst riding

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He's never even raced in mxgp it was emx

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I Eli is the one who struggle the most and pulled it out at the end there. I don't know what your getting at? Kenny had a great indoors and outdoors Webb had agreat indoors and horrible outdoors season