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It's 2020, so.....

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Ordered some stuff Thursday late morning, got here Saturday morning. Never have a complaint with RM, get what I order, even OEM stuff in a decent time at a quality price.

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Would never be a LEO now days in any fashion. The risk assessment is way to high. Criminals now have more power than the law enforcement does, and when you have media companies pushing a political narrative too it becomes about impossible. Not to mention ... more »

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HOA’s have been keeping Karens & Todds busy for years. Totally understand the reason for them but it’s a joke when people of different cultures get in positions of power of them. My brother lives in a fancy neighborhood with one. Community pool and ... more »

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It's steal braided, so it's good....

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Had a dude asking 1500 for this. 🤦‍♂️

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So it's like this, nothing in China is private. It's totally 100% controlled by the CCP, and if you believe otherwise, I have some ocean front property to sale you in Kansas. Follow the money, and you'll find the answer. CCP total control Slave Labor ... more »

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Those DRZ’s are cool little bikes. Motor is a lugger. Add an 85 carb to it, cut top of the air box off, and add a Suzuki LT230 Cam. It’s all plug & play. The 85 carb really helps it move. If you need more, just bigbore it, and buy the bigger valves. ... more »

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I ride off road mostly, and pick a channel on Pandora that suits my temperament at the time. Nothing like some good old Highway Men to get you pushing the pace or some Rage Against the Machine to flat out hammer down. It’s weird how if a certain song ... more »

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You're half correct... 😉

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The fact that this guy is celebrated & pawned off as some sort of hero & or someone to look up to or emulate is sad. Maybe Bill Self trying to get his street cred rating higher. Worthlessness.

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Xyzal, it use to be perscription only. It's a immune blocker, just causes your body to no react. Safe for pregnant women and you can actually take more than the said dose depending on how bad your allergies are. I get a generic scrip and take 3 a day. ... more »

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Without the 2nd there are no others...

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Would like to read the NTSB report once it's completed to the reason why/how this happened. Pilot error I'm guessing. Glad everyone survived it.

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Yellow = Amatuer, B was for class/grouping. This was Enduro series. Green numbers was just my wife would know to look for green numbers.

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Worth & value totally depend. If you are trying to flip it you're not going to get a bunch of people looking at that bike to actually ride/race it. It's not competitive at all compared to anything new. It would have to be a collector, or a guy wanting ... more »

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Facebook, alphabet, twitter etc will go through the process, over the next short few years, of being broken up due to Anti Trust laws just like the communications sector did back in the late 70's early 80's. They are no longer just a scocial media platform. ... more »

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