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Great machine for off road though. Plenty of controllable low end power for climbing hills and deep mud ruts. Don't have to scream it's guts out to get traction. Throw a flywheel on it, add a Boyesen quickshot, jet it correctly, ICW rad mod for cooling ... more »

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Hey man, it's all good. Tone gets lost in the typed words from time to time. Just saying that I found it odd that a mother of 2 two boys that ride & compete, and an over the hill rider, says to "suck it up and deal". Nothing other and nothing more. ... more »

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Even my wife said "You suck it up and deal"

Added reply in a thread Yet another old guy health question. Carpal tunnel. 6/10/2021 12:01 AM

Over the last few months I've noticed when riding my hands will just go numb to the point of not being able to feel much of anything. Sharp stinging pain if I don't stop and shake my hands to get feeling back. I had an offroad race this past weekend ... more »

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Please for the love if it's not at the Wick move it to Muddy Creek. TN is 100% open as if it's 1986, mullets & trucker hats everywhere, and nothing better than rolling into the track just before the sun pops over mountains, looking at the fog filled ... more »

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Snowcross round, I dig it.

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There is a city/town in CA that has an ordinance that is the exact same, but it's more vague. At least this says cameras. It has to be tied to a law suit or legal ruling somewhere, and that the sanctioning body of an industry needs to modify it's safety ... more »

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So in reality, how many states can they really work in, maybe 4, FL, TX, LA, IN?

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I have some machines from the 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, 10's, and now 20's. The 70's to me seemed to be a learning process for some manufactures, low tech, low quality, but improved from year to year, Frames would break, engine issues, only thing that ... more »

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Tell this to Yamaha, and 500+ other major corporations that rolled out of town.

Added reply in a thread JGR Folded 11/13/2020 8:34 AM

If you think that bike would be remotely competitive as an GNCC or WORX ask Gary Sutherlin, but then again he did beat MC at Mammoth a couple years ago on it 🤷‍♂️

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Last weekend a dealer only came off a $100 from MSRP for a 21 KX450X, including shipping, taxes, doc fees it was $10760 OTD. Um no. . .

Started new thread Pro Circuit Triple Clamps 04 YZ250 / 04-05 YZ450f 10/1/2020 5:26 PM

Have a complete set of the Pro Circuit Upper/Lower triple clamps and bar mount, never installed. Bought for a 04 YZ250 project and moving on to a different project. Asking 350 for everything.

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Stay safe out there, crazy times.

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He's comfy on that green machine.

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Any 250f with an 18" rear

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What are you running AC gas in, if mixed what do you mix it. I’ve always understood that AC gas is a very dry fuel and designed for aircraft engines specially because of altitude. Just asking as there’s an small local Airport near me.

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Barry Carsten will say otherwise. 😎

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It's 2020, so.....

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Ordered some stuff Thursday late morning, got here Saturday morning. Never have a complaint with RM, get what I order, even OEM stuff in a decent time at a quality price.