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Reply to Removing plating From a platinum pipe 3/7/2019 1:32 PM

Glass bead will remove plating but it needs to be shot at 250 psi plus. The problem is if you fire to much media it creates a lot of heat and can warp the metal. This isn’t a big deal on a pipe but the commercial company I used does hi end restorations ... more »

Reply to Online shopping in Canada 11/21/2018 12:53 PM

If you live anywhere near the border use a cross border P.O. Box ( Kinek or others). Place your order in the states and then go pick it up. Your allowed up to $800 cad if your in the states for 48 hours duty free. Take the wife and make it $1600. It’s ... more »

New thread 94 cr250 pipe repair 3/26/2017 4:07 PM

Anyone know of a good pipe repair company in Ontario for an old pro circuit pipe? The neck is tweaked and a tennis ball size dent on the bottom. I'm trying to avoid shipping costs to the states. Thanks

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Reply to ISO 92-96 cr250 swing arm bolt 1/12/2017 2:27 PM

Never fails, I bought one on eBay yesterday. If that one shows up and is a pos or threads screwed, I'd be happy to buy yours. Any chance you shoot me your email just in case?

Reply to 1994 cr 250 1/10/2017 6:44 PM

My bad, I thought you were the one selling it. I think I'll get one off tradebit for $8 and print it at work. That one would be almost $80 after exchange and shipping. Thanks though.

Reply to 1994 cr 250 1/10/2017 5:53 PM

Is that free shipping to Canada or only in the us?

New thread 1994 cr 250 1/7/2017 4:45 PM

Anyone know where I can get/buy a printable version of a service manual. If I order one off fleabag shipping will cost almost as much as the manual. Also my wife is going to wonder what the $3.95 charges on my credit card are for the two I've already ... more »

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New thread 90's cr250 swingarm 1/5/2017 8:07 AM

I've picked up a 94 cr 250 in boxes as a winter project. The swingarm is toast and the po cut the swingarm pivot to get the motor out. It looks like 92-96 250 and 93-97 125 share the same bolt but, the complete swingarms are all different part numbers. ... more »

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New thread ISO 92-96 cr250 swing arm bolt 1/2/2017 3:02 PM

Honda part #90117-kz3-861. Its nla from Honda. 1992-1997 cr125 bolt fits as far as I can tell to.

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