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Reply to YZ125 exhaust valve pin repair 6/12/2020 7:14 PM

Yea, used 5/16 roll pins. Heated valve in vice, crimped the roll pin with vice grips and tapped them in with hammer.

Reply to AC out for the remainder of supercross 6/6/2020 4:28 PM

I think AC would be more durable and faster if he added strength training and put on 5+ lbs of muscle ... Tomac looks strong for his height and controls the bike better than the rest.

Reply to Ok what does everyone for inner knee bruises from braces? 5/9/2020 11:14 AM

I use the CTI/Ossur neoprene sleeves, either 1/8 or 1/4” thick. I touch warm in summer, but good comfort

Reply to Moto Fite Klub 5/9/2020 11:08 AM

Are there age handicaps involved? How do you justify a fair race between RV and Broc?

Reply to Pacific Crest pipe repair 5/5/2020 3:45 PM

Sorry guys, I discontinued pipe repairs at Fusion One last summer.

Reply to 125 all star races rules and eligibility questions 4/27/2020 10:02 PM

Just run practice on your Cr125 then show up on the gate with your Cr500

Reply to Fox Instinct Boots 4/26/2020 4:41 PM

Mxb2, Where are you seeing close out prices? The Fox site, shows the usual retail price of $459.95 - thanks...

Reply to 21 yz 250 4/19/2020 9:10 AM

2125 new chassis and revisited motor

Reply to Ktm SX 250 2018/19/20 reviews 4/18/2020 4:14 PM

Very interested in your STIC experience, is it worth the cost/jetting work for the power gains?

Reply to What’s the quietest bike available (not electric)? 4/4/2020 4:01 PM

Read an article on the dB snorkel from 2006 on on an CR250, sounds promising, took 3-6 dB off, depending on the silencer (FMF or PC sp arrestor) but looks like the company is out of business now.

Reply to What’s the quietest bike available (not electric)? 4/3/2020 2:27 PM

I’d need the same performance level of a modern mx bike, the land is sandy and hilly. Maybe a fc450 or Beta 300 could work, idk would need to hear them first...

Reply to STIC and Keihin 38mm experience on YZ125? 3/29/2020 5:25 PM

Good info, thanks Bruce!

Reply to Robinhood access down today? 3/2/2020 2:37 PM

According to Twitter they are down due to server coding issues associated with Feb. 29 leap date

Reply to Perimeter of the stadium floor 2/22/2020 9:18 PM

Nets all around

Reply to Leigh Diffey is doing a WONDERFULL job 1/4/2020 8:14 PM

He sounds like the narrator for "Homes of the Rich and Famous" show.

Reply to A1 Press Conference Time? 1/3/2020 5:52 PM

I didn’t see a way to watch the archived press conference on the sxlive site, anyone have a link? Thanks

Reply to Game changers 12/29/2019 5:49 PM,20/The-Game-Changers-movie-and-plant-based-diet-performance-benefits-for-MX,1368264

Reply to Paul “Baz” Boudreau Column??? 12/29/2019 5:20 PM

Wow, he's right down the road from me at St. Mary's Church! I'm going to visit !

Reply to Carpal Tunnel surgery? 12/27/2019 8:20 PM

Same here.

Reply to Anyone riding with an Aortic dilation? 12/21/2019 1:25 PM

Thanks Eric, yes I just consulted with an aortic surgeon/specialist at Yale who knows all about the aorta, operates daily on these conditions. He believes it’s a genetic condition, since my dad passed of an aneurism at the age of 94, burst as result ... more »