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I agree it’s a free country. That’s why I won’t ride at a track that doesn’t have the little bikes separate from the big. Even an 85 out there the same time as me I will stop jumping when I get close. I don’t really like the 85s with the 50 and 65s. ... more »

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No way! Where can we see this?

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I got passed the other day by a tm100 on my 450. Probably buy it. It hurt my feelings. They look like a small 125

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Yeah. That got out of had. I was just making a joke really. He doesn’t have anything for outdoors and Tedder is supercross only for his contract at least.

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That’s still a thing!??? Dr. Fauci said it was over last week! Damn.

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Was that just a guess or you have an inside line? People the leak stuff like this is the only reason I come on here. Get some good info. And you think Jeffery H. Is in for sure? All the rounds?

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Look at his forks. They never bottom in that picture.

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I would need you guys to point out the differences in the kx450 photos. I have a 2020 kx450 and the valve cover looks a little different and maybe exhaust is shorter but some of you guys are amazing. Stuff like the counter shaft sprocket is 2mm lower ... more »

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Lol dude. Relax and smoke some more

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I am a life time fly guy but that black and gold LE is too badass not to get. Looks amazing

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I am a 6 2 vet b rider. I had the Honda right before the kx450. I’ve been to Loretta’s in plus 30. The difference for me is the weight. I think if the Yz cut a decent amount of weight I would be in line for one. The kx is all around an amazing bike and ... more »

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Kx450 For sure. I’ve ridden both.

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Probably the guys on here that don’t ride or even have a bike. I don’t someone that rides would touch it. But I will join in the boycott. But I was doing that on day one already

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I think Randy is awesome. I believe his son was listening and he wanted it a little cleaner because of that. No big deal guys. Like it or hate it there’s a new show next week!!!

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My dream is to one day buy 150 acres and have a camp where kids can come and learn to ride and do other out doors stuff that seem to be lacking in todays youth. Dirt bikes calls to all of us here and not everyone has the same opportunity to learn to ... more »

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Are you in the pits today? Can you say who told you that?

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I would give my left nut for a new dirt bike. And I don’t think those grow back. I thought the whole thing was very entertaining

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I went the first 5 years. I have 3 young kids now and I’m going to live through you guys. So maybe keep this thread going with your results and pictures. I’ll be back soon! Just not in the cards for me right now. Such an amazing event!

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I think everyone needs to calm down. It was a dumb move. I would tell Vince if he touches anyone from here on out he’s black flagged. Not in a wheelchair, not a license revoked. Just freaking chill. This internet freak out is getting old. We all ride ... more »