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The Renen gear fits great, made well and pretty comfortable overall. I just got one of the limited kits and it's pretty sick. I've found that Leatt fits a bit small to size in the past but haven't tried 2022 stuff on. I've had to go up a size on pants ... more »

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I have a Bill's setup on my 250sx. I also wanted to try something a little different. Butt dyno tells me it has a little more power than stock most everywhere. Same butt dyno tells me that the PC setup on my friends bikes pulled noticeably harder up ... more »

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Nice! I agree, a revalve has mine cornering insanely well now. It’s so good in ruts, just a ton of fun. Are you running a 110 rear on yours? The vortex is worth it!

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I’m very very sensitive to getting headaches from moto. Like gnarly painful headaches in the sinus/eye area most often. It was happening for me pretty much every time I rode. Over the past six months I have been able to knock them down considerably by ... more »

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Smart! I need to pay attention more

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Yeah as long as you get that cert of origin, registering in CA will be fine. You may have to bring the bike with you to the DMV for VIN inspection. Double check on that before you go. If you want to make it really easy then just use a 3rd party business ... more »

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Get a 250f, they’re about the easiest true mx bike to ride. A 150 is like a 125 that hits a little harder. It does not have the torque to let you lug it around like any 4 stroke and when it lights up it’s a fast bike. I have a 150sx, 250sx and 21 kx250f ... more »

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Super personable guy too. Bumped into him at a Starbucks in Anaheim and had a nice convo with him. Big fan and wishing him success.

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Yep I'm a 33 and pretty much only wear Thor. Their 34 pants in Prime Pro and Pulse fit me perfect.

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Where is DV so we can pat him on the back and end this thread

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"There you go with that fag talk again" Fuckin best movie. Actually more like a documentary on current times.

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Sure that makes sense to hold off. You could always increase fork oil volume a bit to see if that helps with bottoming resistance. Easy enough to add and remove.

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Dude, completely. His take on the sport and our fanbase is 100% right in my opinion. I also like how he called out Rutledge on responding to the negative feedback from fans.

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Come join. I just started with othg south this year and it has been a blast. Awesome people and the organization has its shit together. If you have your own transponder and pre-register for races online, there is zero waiting in line race day morning. ... more »

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I’m 6’ tall and about 185 without gear. I also had no complaints on the shock but it does have a bit more comfort now. Do you feel like the forks are riding low in the stroke, or bottoming hard?

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I've got about 12 hours on mine now, and it has been fantastic. I had my buddy at Ride JBI just revalve my forks and shock for a little more comfort and plushness. It feels phenomenal now. The forks were valved a little stiff for my liking out of the ... more »

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I switch between my 19 250sx and 21 KX250. They both have their pros and cons. The 250sx is a faster bike as you'd expect, but I can put in more laps and have more consistency with the 250f. Modern 250f's are incredible bikes and while you feel like ... more »

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I have been on the Kenny cheerleading squad this season, but complaining about that pass wasn’t a good look for him. Just confirms how much Webb is living in his head openly. Webb has to be the most psychologically tough guy on the track today and that’s ... more »

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I’ll be there for OTHG. Gonna be a fun day!

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Agreed, Transworld Kickstart was really really good. I'd love to see Team Fried come out with full-length movies annually. Lost Files was one of the better recent movies I've seen.