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My buddy and I had bought an 87 Malibu ski boat a couple years back for $4200. Was in killer shape for the age and had a cool retro look. We just sold it for $8500 last week. People are buying up every damn toy they can get their hands on it seems.

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My current setup is 5.75 slide, S-1 needle jet (stock), 17-62 needle (suzuki needle) and 35 pilot (stock) and 450 main (stock) with a bills system. Bike has been running really well in all California weather conditions. Tried a 40 pilot and it was too ... more »

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I have a set of the 2019 GPX 5.5 ultraweld gear. I love the materials that it's made of and have had zero issues with it as far as wear and tear goes. Leatt's sizing is a bit off though. I had originally ordered a 34/L combo which is dead on my size ... more »

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Dude, nice! You're ripping out there. Perris is super fun and your video is making me want to go there this weekend.

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I have a brand new take-off from my 19 250sx. Has zero dirt on it. Only small marks are from removing it from the bike. I'll sell it for $75 shipped if you're interested. Shoot me a PM if you'd like it. I can ship this afternoon from SoCal.

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I think he will have some good results, and I hope to see him make some top 5's. He definitely has the speed at times but needs the consistency. If he's on a PC bike, he's going to have the best shot he can get. It seemed like he was often having some ... more »

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Typically the Windham bend has been pretty tall in my experience. I haven't tried it in the Fuzion model but I imagine the specs are the same as Evo.

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No way, watch the video again and you'll see that Sexton was already in the air when Nichols started cutting to the inside.

... more »
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Fly racing had some thing on their instagram to get on a card for free. I keep pointing out my stupid mug on tv to my friends like I'm famous.

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I recently picked up the cheaper Eurmax 10x10 for $135 and it's pretty nice. For the money, that pro with the hex legs looks damn good.

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Great video, you're ripping. Current layout at Perris is super fun. Saturday should be perfect to ride there, reaching about 80 degrees.

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Radius CX. I had one on a 350sxf and it feels exactly like stock. Just have to make sure it is adjusted properly and you'll be golden. I used to check adjustment every ride, and then after putting 5-10 hours on it, I noticed it almost never needed any ... more »

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Preach brotha!

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Check to see if you are running the bar mounts in the back position. They can be rotated 180 degrees to push the bars forward or back. Also some narrower bars with some sweep might help...maybe a CR low bend...not sure what 999 bend is like.

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CLR spray works pretty well but yeah you'll still likely have to hit it with a scotch brite pad. The vinegar idea up there sounds interesting.

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Scar racing titanium. Had them on several bikes and they always feel just right.

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I have an 07 klx 110 and was wondering if once you do the bbr swingarm and a different fork setup, is their still a difference in height between the 110 and 110L chassis? Thanks!

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I'd say that all depends on how well the bike is jetted. If you are at a lean or borderline lean condition, then yes it should run a bit cooler. If the bike is already jetted overly rich, then it probably isn't cooling the motor any more. My experience ... more »

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Typically in engine tuning when we say lean/rich we are talking about air/fuel ratio. Technically if you're running a lower % of premix, you're delivering more fuel (gasoline) so it is more rich in that sense.

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I do prefer the body of the 19-20 over the 17-18. When I ride my 17 150sx it feels wide in the shrouds compared to my 19 250sx. That's the only chassis difference I can feel between the two generations. I can't tell that the 19 is 'stiffer' in any way. ... more »