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Great thread!

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Funny ad. The bike looks clean in pics but I always raise an eyebrow when I see a super clean bike like this that has a wear mark around the rear wheel. I've put over 30 hours on a bike and it showed less of the black anodizing rubbing off the rim. Is ... more »

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I'm jealous, of how rad your wife is. Good for you my man!

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You need to remove the intake boot clamp on the throttle body to free up the rear of the bike. She'll handle like a cat on carpet.

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CV’s from powerband with stock shock revalve by them is a solid combo. Had their stuff on my last 350sxf and my current 250sx. Never disappoints.

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My ‘19 250sx has 18 hours on it now. Always loved the way it shifted but hit a false neutral between 2-3 for the first time this past weekend. Could have been a fluke but I’ll be keeping my attention on it for sure.

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A bosch 044 is a powerful fuel pump for cars/motorsports that draws some serious amps. I used to run 2 of them in-tank in my supra and hated them. Sounded like I had a coffee grinder in my fuel tank. I can't imagine how obnoxious they'd be outside of ... more »

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Running the Hoosier mx25s on my 250sx and they are awesome. Will have to see how the rear holds up. I may try an mx30 rear if the 25 gets roached soon. The hoosiers have incredibly predictable traction even when the track is a bit overwatered. I'm running ... more »

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I’ve gone through tech 8’s, 10’s, 7’s and have 2 pairs of Sidi crossfire 3 srs. For me the Sidi crossfire 3’s are by far my favorite boot. If you have a standard width foot you’ll be okay. Not a boot made for wide feet. They are made really well and ... more »

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Loving the Pod K8 braces, no discomfort with them. It's possible braces are like helmets...some fit people well and some don't depending on several factors. However I'd say 4-5 of my buddies have the Pod K8 and none of us have issues. If you get the ... more »

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I like Reed/Henry in pro taper, or country boy bend for ODI cft podium bars...basically same bend. I’m really liking the odi bars a lot. I prefer a flexible crossbar with pad which the odi’s have.

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The boos were really loud in the stadium. It was easily the best race I’ve seen in person. The stadium was going nuts for all different reasons. We were right in front of the whoops and Jett definitely looked like he got some whiskey throttle putting ... more »

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I have both a 2017 150sx with a lectron and pro circuit pipe, and a 2019 250sx with a well-jetted mikuni. The 150 absolutely rips and is a ton of fun but make no mistake it still has characteristics of a small bore 2 stroke. The 250sx can be lugged a ... more »

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All good, actually no your posts were clear but I’ve seen other threads where people alluded to it being a stock motor. I believe they even asked that question on the pulp show but I may be mistaken.

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Barcia on the latest pulp mx show is a good listen. He mentions that the bike is a little up on power from stock, but has been tuned for smooth delivery. I didn't get the impression that it's a showroom floor motor and not sure where that comes from. ... more »

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Got a set from Niels (MX Wout) and they look amazing. Best price you'll likely find for new. I still owe him a pic of them on the bike. Here's a pic he sent me right before shipping. Thanks again Niels!

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Coming from someone who does not have a raptor 250 I would look at all major power and ground connections between battery/starter/chassis and make sure they are clean, as in clean them with a wire brush or hit with a little sandpaper. If that model has ... more »

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Hahahaha simply because this sport is so fucking rad! I love the rider intros and made sure to get there early so I had zero chance of missing opening ceremonies.

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I’ve been considering the Carolinas myself. How are the winters? Are you able to get to riding during the winter months within a reasonable distance...say if you wanted to day trip somewhere?