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I am also curious about a review of the van compass transit lift.

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I watched the video review on the home page which suggested going down a size from your regular Sidis. I decided to give it a shot since I feel the boots have been steadily creeping up in size ever since the original crossfire. Long story short - don't ... more »

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Left. Its always left... yes I am right handed. I think its true most people also feel most comfortable turning left (rear brake access or some other reason). I always figured I was just pushing harder when turning that way hence bigger crash. Then again ... more »

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Trying to offload your Hurco I see, can I interest you in a straight trade for a very tired Fadal 15XT?

I'm saving up to replace the old girl with a Hurco or a Kitamura, any of you guys have opinions on the Kitamura Mycenters?
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As an offroad guy with dead engine starts I don't think this device is applicable to me, but I just wanted to post and say I think its a really cool little gadget and the inventor clearly did some real world testing to back it up. Regardless of your ... more »

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I started with a 250X but the harsh truth is after doing all the mods to make it an R motor (R cam, exhaust, CCC mods etc) the bike can't really overcome its gearing. The wide ratio gearbox is set up for riding fire roads, and it is a heavy motorcycle. ... more »

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I have (basically) the same bike, for single track / scrambles there's nothing better. Congrats!

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I don't own a transit van yet, but am strongly considering going medium roof 148 non-extended. Seems like the best mix of easy to park / maneuver with enough space for a partition and fold out bed in the cab. Loving these pictures guys, keep em coming! ... more »

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450 riders who don't know that you need to repack your muffler, otherwise it doesn't muffle anything. Its a weird coincidence that these guys bikes need the longest to warm up too, just gotta snap er wide open in the pits a few more times bruh....

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I use the aforementioned Vivoactive HR and a $30 chest strap HR monitor paired with it for activities I'm worried the watch wont pick up well. Great for running and cycling, haven't tried moto yet but I think I'll just shove my watch into my backpack ... more »

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A 250x makes less power than a 250r. More importantly the wide ratio tranny in the 250x makes it a dog compared to the R, albeit with a higher top speed. The R is what you want.

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Surprised at the number of guys on here encouraging 450s. A big thing no one has mentioned is the 230f is much smaller seat height wise than any full size MX bike. A 230f is a "play" bike, so it has smaller conventional forks and an air cooled engine. ... more »

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I am incredibly surprised they can (and choose) to pay the rent on such a large space, as a specialty sock company. I guess there's more money in specialty socks than I expected.

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Hey, not to hijack your thread OP, but I'm considering putting some work into my 1993 cr250 as well. Its an awesome old bike and I already rebuilt the motor / all new bearings etc, but the suspension and brakes really stop the bike from being fun to ... more »

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Marvin Musquin (1st), Justin Hill (2nd), and Jessy Nelson (3rd)

Caption is backwards, should be Nelson and Musquin shower Hill.

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I broke my left wrist (scaphoid) and had it pinned. At this point flexibility and strength are like 90~95%, but its been about 4 years. I still have to do push-ups on my knuckles, thats about the only thing that still bothers me. I bought the allsport ... more »